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Finally Saw Kurt Live

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  1. smoke

    First off, thank you Kurt for coming through the midwest. Sincerely. I am sure there are places that would have been more interesting to visit, but I am sure as hell glad you came.

    For everyone else...

    Kurt played at one of the local college jazz festivals this weekend with the college's all-star student band, doing new arrangements of his tunes and standards that he has played in the past. The program split up between various size ensembles - from full big band to trio. I was absolutely blown away by the arrangements of his tunes, hearing him play w/ a big band, and just soaking in how utterly otherworldly he is. I would have bought the sound recording without hesitation.

    There was a pretty good crowd of people and even though it was in a high school auditorium, the crowd was really enthusiatic.

    He also apparently played an after hours jam until around 1:00 a.m. I think he may have done a workshop too.

    Anyway, thank you Kurt. Really an inspiring night of music.



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