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  1. RanD

    Hello everybody,

    I'm new on this forum, but it really amazes me how much usefull information can be found here.

    So I think I'm at the right place for my question: does anyone know what kind of effect(s) Kurt uses on the 1st solo of this video (it starts somewere around 0:20..).

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    It's a 'flute-like' sound, and I am really curious what kind of effects he uses for this specific sound.

    I'm looking forward to your reactions!


  2. smoke

    I'd wager a guess that it is from the EHX HOG. It will do all kinds of octave sounds. I know he uses one so perhaps that is it.

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  3. aramaya

    It is definitely the HOG, I checked it out. I have been using that sound for a long
    time with a Boss ME-50 (the octave up pedal). The tracking of the Hog is better
    and if I remember right there is a setting for a subtle reverse envelope which
    allows the sound to breathe more. Also, chords sound better on the Hog than
    the other octave up pedals i have checked out. 2 note chords are solid, three note
    chords start to not track so well. Beyond that, there are a plethora of other great
    sounds with the Hog.


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