Foolhardy by Lage Lund

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  1. neilneil

  2. jorgemg1984

    I have it, Lage is by far my favorite player these days and I have all his records. I have not heard it a lot yet but it's my least favorite of his records so far... His sound is different, I loved it archtop sound - he's sounding much more modern with this new guitar. I liked the two previous ones much more but it's still an excellent record of course.

    I also have his Owl record which was released yesterday and I am loving it - although I had already heard plenty of stuff by this group.

  3. neilneil

    Lage is my favorite player this days too (after kurt lol..).
    At first I was a little disappointed too, I simply thought that the songs (melodies) in the previous albums were better.. the songs in this album weren't as unique & beautiful..
    But I got stuck on the album for about two weeks (hearing it all the time) and it just got better with every listening
    The solos are amazing and inspiring and the melodies I didn't get excited about became more beautiful with every listening..
    This album is just a superb piece of workin my opinion.

  4. patfarlow


    Only because I personally enjoy more melody. It seems complex because jazz is "supposed" to be complex.

    I understand this is subjective though.

    I give Brian Blades season of changes 10/10 as a reference point.


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