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  1. Sandemose

    I thought this could be a fun idea. Here we can read what we want others to read about ourselfs, and it can contain all aspects of life, like occupation, schools you went to, or other intrests. I know that stuff like this can be read at the profilepage as well, but here we can be more informative (if we want that).


    Brief info:
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    Full name: John Peter Michael von Horn
    Sandemose, Aksel: danish author famous writing/formulating the concept of "jantelagen". Known for his books "The Werewolf" and "A fugetive crosses his tracks".
    Youtubechannel: Sandemose

    Personal life:
    Occupation: Teacher in swedish language, litterature and religion. Work parttime as a guitarteacher at Studiefrämjandet (Sfr)
    Other schools: Rytmus Music Conservatroy in Stockholm, KMI (prepering for higher music studies), Stockholm University; arts, and linguistics.
    Pets: two rabbits, Caesar: and Hartman: (named after Eurosport snooker commentator Kim Hartman)
    Pets status: males, single, heterosexual (?)
    Pets intrests: relaxing, eating, experimenting, making strange noises at night.

    Music equipment:
    Hofner Contemporary Verythin, Ibanez S540 model, Peavey Classic 30, Peavey Sheffield, Harley Benton 5W Tube Amp, MXR III Distortion, Boss DD3 Delay, T-REX Tonebug Reverb, "homebuild" distortion box from Moody Sounds, strings: D´Addario EXL.

    Music, art (De Kooning, Rothko and lots of others abstract expressionists), contemporary classical music like Penderecki, Ligety, Allan Pettersson, among others, films by Tarkovskij or horrormovies made in the 70s, litterature; Aksel Sandemose, Torgny Lindgren, Don DeLillo, Bret Easton Ellis among others, writing novells/poetry, writing litterature analysis/criticism.

    Pictures of me: (with sinister looking kid sneaking out from behind) and: (entering "inspirational mode")

    Best regards,


    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Sandemose

    BUMP! I thought this would be awesome, giving it a last shot.


    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. Kapteinar

    I'll give it a shot:)

    Name: Einar Pettersen Grønbekk
    Age: 20


    I'm currently working, saving money and preparing to study jazz music and composing here in Norway.
    I've played guitar for seven years, and jazz for about 3 years. I've always had an interest in jazz and progressive music.
    I love music with a different feel, sound and tone. That's why I seem to love modern jazz as much as I do.

    Music equipment:

    Ibanez AS200 w 12s, TI roundwounds
    Furch a17 11s, TI flatwounds
    Line 6 m9 w/exp pedal
    Poltytone mini brute II


  4. Sandemose

    Thanks Einar! :) Cool post.

    Edit page
  5. mds90

    Mario De Simoni (La Spezia (Italy) 10/01/90, alive).
    I'm studying maths in Genova University since september. Actually I'm trying to do that with decent success splitting my interests mostly in music! I love to live with a jazz approach, I appreciate persons who can live improvising according to their own abilities. Sometimes this is not enough democratic as I really am.
    I play guitar with friends (who unfortunately make success and leave me alone in depression (joking)).
    I can't speak english well.
    Wednesday I'll start to practice trumpet because usually I don't like the sound of the guitar live sound among large bands (in particular my sound).
    In summer I love to attend seminars here in italy and meet a lot of cool people sharing same things together (creating small comfortable communities in which something seems to work in the right way).

    If you want to see me:

  6. LeonardoB

    Cool thread!


    Full Name: Leonardo Mezzini
    Gender: male
    From: L'Aquila, Italy
    Currently living in Padua, Italy

    I'm studying physics in Padua University, 1st year and Jazz Guitar in Pollini Conservatory (Padua), 2nd year, but really struggling to handle both as I would, so since I donìt want to give up music, I'm thinking of switching to a lighter subject to study, infact physics needs almost all of your time to be studied as needed; I'd switch to Informatics or really give up university and focus on music, to end my 3-year degree in jazz guiar and then try to get in at the JIB in Berlin or the Conservatory in Amsterdam, or even stay in Italy and complete my studies in Turin, which seems to offer the best Jazz class in its conservatory and has a really bustling jazz life.

    Epiphone Sheraton II
    D'addario Jazz Light 0.12 w/ Dunlop Jazztone 207 picks
    Strymon Brigadier BucketDelay w/ M-Audio Ex-p expression pedal
    Xotic AC Booster
    (and planning to get a reverb pedal)

    Besides Jazz music, I'm really into all kind of creative, innovative and deep-aiming music.
    I particularly enjoy Arcangelo Corelli and Beethoven, Bartòk, Schoenberg, Shostakovich and Stravinsky for the classical stuff, and I'm currently digging deep into Chicago's underground scene with bands like Tortoise and Do Make Say Think (see guitarist Jeff Parker).
    In literature my taste leads me to essays and psychological novels; I do enjoy authors like Kundera, Hesse or Orwell and Calvino.
    In science I have a strong passion for particle physics and maths, together with a great will to understand informatics (at which, up to now, I'm a complete noob, as well as at displaying musicality).
    I would like to settle in an European northern country;Sweden I think is my dream.

    (Btw @Sandemose, I do envy you a bit for this.)

    Regards to all.

  7. LeonardoB

  8. guitar1025

    This is the first time me seeing this thread.

    Name: Bryant Snyder
    Age: 30
    From: Brooklyn, NY currently living in New York City, NY.

    Graduated from Berklee in '07 dual major jazz composition and performance. Worked on cruise ships for over three years as a guitarist/musical director. It was a cool gig in the beginning but I got sick of it. Living in NY now trying to get myself going in the scene here.

    Unfortunately this list has diminished recently due to financial difficulties :(.

    Ibanez Artcore AS73
    Line 6 DL4
    Boss TU3 - Tuner
    Rat Distortion
    Boss EQ 20 - Advanced EQ pedal
    Boss CH-1 - Chorus (don't use it much)

    No amp at the moment!!

    Aside from music, I'm a sports freak!!! I LOVE baseball. . .almost as much as music. Big (American) football, and basketball fan too!!!

    Curious to hear about others!!!

  9. littlewu

    Hey everybody

    Name : Hugues Collin
    From:suburbs of paris
    I'm studiying guitar (in particulary jazz, blues,rock) and i'm following a formation (cefedem) to be teacher.I really want to be best as a musician and as teacher.
    beside the music, i love basketball and chill with my friends.

    My gear: american stratocaster 1954 reissue from 1994, marshall jcm 800 and boss effects.
    Am i the only one french guy in this forum?
    Sorry for my bad english!!!

    Regard to all

  10. add4

    I'll give it a shot :

    Brief info:
    Sex: Male
    Age: 29
    Full name: Arnaud De Deck
    Occupation: Looking for a job (see education :) )
    Education: Master in physics (climatology), master in statistics, phd in biomedical engineering ... sounds much more complicated than it was. Currently trying to stop doing purely scientific things (see LeonardoB comment about physics) and get into more human related fields using my scientifical background as a tool.
    Pets: rabbit: gypsy (also known as terrestrial shark) and cat: Dexter (Gordon) really a dog reincarnated into a cat's body .. can't stand being alone for 10 mins.

    Musical education : years noodling at home playing basic rock, 0.5 year private lessons in jazz, studying physics from 8am to 7pm playing music everyday between 8pm to 4am every day for one year with friends studying jazz professionally .. fell asleep in my car after that year ...
    Private lessons with a local guitar player for 3 years now ... really talented guy .. i really really that if hard work and musical taste is ever payed for, this guy should one day be at the top. Working as much as i can on my guitar playing while i have the chance to work with him. working on very interesting basic stuff at the moment.

    Other time wasters:
    building guitar effects. just started this ... it very quickly became an obsession. i hope i can start selling some pedals in a few weeks. clones of rare/hard to find/impossible to pay effects (lovetone meatball, ...) , modifications/customisation of known effects (i modded my 2008 rat to vintage specs, added a few options ... i've never played through a distortion pedal as cool as it now :), boss mods, tubescreamer mods, ...), and i already have a few (hopefully good) ideas for making my own designs. Sadly .. i play much less guitar since i started fooling around with this.. i'd love to offer a kind of jazz oriented family of guitar effects, since we most often end up tweaking rock gear to get the jazz sounds .. might be interesting.. still thinking of that.
    cooking, climbing, walking in the mountains/nature, reading, philosophy, enjoying life and whatever it brings... being a father in a few months will be a new time eater too :)

    gear :
    ibanez as-93 w/ seymour duncan 59
    fender tremolux (jan 62)
    modded rat
    modded tubescreamer
    mxr dist III
    empress para EQ
    homemade tremolo
    homemade auto/light sensitive way
    homemade booster
    line6 DL4
    eventide timefactor
    homemade delay
    homemade meatball
    a lot of other pedals i don't use anymore or are in building/debugging state

    musical tastes (jazz only): (obviously) kurt, dexter gordon, octurn, walter smith III, michael brecker, chris potter, adam rogers, lage lund, conrad herwig, david binney, coltrane, parker, herbie, magic malik orchestra, nelson veras, aka moon, pierre van dormael, peter bernstein, ralph bowen, seamus blake, marcus strickland, kenny werner, ...

    Music, art, philosophy/living your life happily with open mind and eyes, learning and be efficient, relations and people, nature, musical electronics, do things by myself/take time to make something concrete, whatever it is.

    make a living making and selling guitar effects and/or gear (handmade amps?)
    build an arch top guitar by myself
    have a funk/jazz band playing my own music, (that would have to be in odd meter bars, i love that stuff)
    inspire people around me to try things they would like to happen
    reach the level of musicianship needed to play and let what it means to be human and alive flows through what i play.


  11. JorgeRubiales

    Hey, nice thread!

    Name: Jorge Rubiales
    Age: 26
    From: Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

    Graduated ULPGC in Music Education in 2010, currently studying Classical guitar and Electric guitar at Conservatorio Profesional de Musica de Las Palmas.

    Currently working on any musical project I can get my hands on, so basically you can say I'm a session musician (or a starving one lol). As some fellows know, with some luck I'll be moving in a few years to London to study music there, and maybe find more work as a musician.

    Ibanez Artcore AF75
    Ibanez RG470
    Ibanez GSZ120
    ZT Lunchbox amp
    Behringer analog delay
    Boss DS-1 home-"keeley"-modded
    Admira Artista classical guitar

    Keep it coming!!

  12. InWalked

    Tim Baurle
    Imperial, PA (suburban Pittsburgh)
    Bachelor of Music in Composition from Shenandoah Conservatory [1993; Winchester, VA]

    Full-time musician. Perform mostly as a solo 8-string guitarist. Teach privately at a local family-run retailer/music academy with 50+ students weekly.

    2 Novax 8-string guitars (one walnut solidbody, one semi-hollow)
    Roland Cube-60 and Cube-100 Bass
    Boss Blues Driver and DS-1 Distortion (both with Keeley mods)
    Fender Standard Telecaster retrofit with a Novax fanned-fret neck
    Epiphone Emperor Regent (mid-90s from Korea)
    mid-90s Fender Standard Telecaster with humbucker
    Fender Players Deluxe Stratocaster
    Epiphone banjo

    My 8-strings are my main pieces. I use the 6-strings primarily for teaching and my chops on a 6 are en par with a 14 year old. Looking to upgrade my amps. Love to buy a Headstrong Lil King or Princeton Reverb and an Ampeg B-15.

    Influences consist of many but to name a few: Tuck Andress, Charlie Hunter, Dave Holland, Scott Amendola, Jim Campilongo, Kurt, Radiohead, Monk, Jackie McLean, Kenny Dorham, etc. Also classical composers such as Bartok, Reich, Adams, Crumb, Rochberg, Webern, Carter, Schoenberg, Beethoven, Brahms. A favorite routine away from my instrument is score reading. Currently taking in Beethoven's late string quartets.

    Music is my primary focus. Fortunate to have a loving supportive wife and 2 cool sons (8 and 5). Outside of music, I enjoy watching Pittsburgh pro sports teams but try not to get too emotional with them. Also walking and exercising.

    Find me on facebook at


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