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  1. Quintricacy

  2. Matt

    I'll try this!

  3. Bob Thompson

    Hey all... BT here. *Thanks so much* for your interest in the Lenny Breau related pdfs... (and HUGE thanks to Kurt for providing this forum!!!). Drop a line and I'll send them along asap. Have sent out to about 500 guitarists so far...everyone seems to have gotten a few new tidbits and insights from them. These pdfs are simple things --- some brief chord passage transcriptions of selected voiceleading examples that Lenny favored, a summary of his quite challenging chord / melody positional concepts for playing a blues with turnaround using his "pianistic approach," a brief treatise on reharming three-note "small shapes", which he also comps extensively with his unique chord / melody approach, and an introduction to extended melodic minor harmony and its inherent pluralism (favorite textures of Lenny) based on a tune resembling Blue in Green, and some voice-leading examples that illustrate very basic directional tactics. For those who can't sight read, all the examples are shown as fretboard grids, which makes for very easy assimilation. I have several comprehensive instructional DVDs in the works that have bearing on Lenny's style. Some are harmony and fretboard management systems, and one product is the actual 2 DVD set / 160 page textx that directly relates Lenny's various techniques, chord systems, an extensive chapter on all his "cascaded harmonics" systems, reharms, etc. My website won't be up til later this year, but I'll put up some more pdfs later in the month.

    By the way, I brought Kurt and the trio to my school not too long ago (the University of Maine - Augusta). It was absolutely majestic. They hadn't had ANY sleep, but came in and completely rocked the house. Some of the best playing I have ever witnessed from Kurt, having seen him many times. Inspiring, uplifting, motivating and confirmation that there are no boundaries in creative jazz guitar! Thank you, Kurt... maybe a gig in Portland next time??? (with REAL food and wine...yowsa!) HAAAA! Cheers....Bob Thompson

    Magical rainbow ponies
  4. Thanks for the tip on this, Quintricacy. I emailed Bob earlier today and he sent me some really fantastic stuff. It's rare to be able to get an insight into someone's playing like this.

    Thank you, Bob!!



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