Freeze Pedal EHX

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  1. Chris

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have modified the EHX Freeze Pedal to avoid the annoying "click".. I recently saw Gilad Hekselman and saw that he had some cloth (sponge) material taped over the button to prevent the sound. Does anyone know more about his actual technique for doing this?


  2. Benny

    Here you go:

    The new EHX Superego, which is a souped up Freeze with gliss and other features, has a soft switch.

  3. patfarlow

    i love mine, and dont mind the click because, well no one is listening.

  4. wilmore

    i just bought a new one today. modded it straight out of the box with a $3.00 soft switch. i wouldnt call myself much of an electrician. took 5 min works great! didnt even desolder. just clipped the wires off the click switch and soldered them onto the soft switch.


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