Friday is "Timeline Friday"

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  1. sweetdeat

    That's right. Makin' the plunge for the Timeline this Friday. Anyone else have one? Post your favorite demo/instructional vids here!

  2. Matt

    that pedal sounds amazing from my research. i wish i had the money to invest.

  3. Benny

    Had one of the first Timelines to arrive in the UK. I already had the El Capistan so for a couple of months had them both on my pedalboard. The Timeline is great but complete overkill for my needs. Sold the Timeline as I wasn't using it to do anything that I couldn't do with the El Capistan.

  4. sweetdeat

    In addition to jazz I play a lot of other styles that require different sounds...etc. From Pop gigs to Church gigs and just about everything inbetween. This pedal is killer. It's got infinite possibilities and 200 banks to fill!

  5. Matt

    it seems like the timeline has the el capistan capabilites plus a lot more. is it worth the buy?

  6. sweetdeat

    I think so. It's the best on the market that I've seen and you have 200 banks to fill. The El Capistan has one favorite. So...that alone is worth it.

  7. Matt

    i wish i had the money to get the blueSky and Lex as well. i'd use them too but i just ordered my timeline!

  8. sweetdeat

    I'm bringing mine to DC and NYC with me for gigs this weekend. That's it. You can tweak that pedal so you can get the feeling of reverb out of it...bringing just the right amount of presence to each note without being too much. Gotta love that.


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