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  1. TruthHertz

    From the past. I think these offer a unique glimpse into a working band's exploration. I've chronicled because I think as aspiring and advancing musicians, players would value the moments when an artist they know now was in a different place in the river. I think there's something to be learned from the evolution of the spirit and not necessarily the reproduction of the notes. That's just me.
    Enjoy this in your way.

    Just the blues

  2. jbroad

    thanks for sharing these david! i'm really digging the early kurt tracks that you've posted. you can really hear him taking a lot of rhythmic and harmonic chances in these early clips. you can hear that in the later clip too but it's much more refined. the early stuff has an edge to it though- almost like an avant garde/punk influence. i know he was playing with cats like andrew d'angelo and jim black around this same time (with the band human feel) so it makes perfect sense. good stuff!

  3. jazznan

    Aaahh so nice, this is what jazz is

  4. jbroad

    here's my contribution to this thread. blues from june 1994 with seamus blake


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