FS (EU) D'angelico Nyss-3b semi hollow guitar

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  1. pauliusmm

    For sale my beloved original Japan made Vestax D'angelico Nyss-3b, very good condition. Contact me for more details and pics.
    These are awesome and hard to find guitars since they were discontinued. This is the model Kurt Rosenwinkel used on many records and this guitar really has that beautiful and strong midrangey Kurt tone.
    I prefer to ship within EU since i can arrange pretty low cost shipping, but will consider all offers. I have 100% positive ebay feedback with over 80 transactions if you need a trust reference.
    Comes with original hard case.

    Price:2700 EUR or best offer

  2. pauliusmm

    Price fixed

  3. animitta

    It's funny, i have never seen on Kurt's guitar (nor on other same model, old or new) that two extra white dots on 19 and 21 fret. Where do they come from?
    Another question, from wich side of Europe are you from?

    All the Best

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  4. pauliusmm

    These dots are fret marker decals, i forgot i put them long time ago. They're easy to remove with no harm. I'm from Lithuania/Vilnius.

  5. Bluewaterpig



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