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  1. Spurred by some other threads on here, I thought I would share a fun challenge that i have been messing with, and I think (hope) it will be a fruitful endeavor: playing lines that have harmonic changes every note! For instance, try playing kurt's ascending whole tone pentatonics thing, but only one note per whole step (like putting changes on the quarter at 80 bpm). Kinda like the way an impressionist painting looks like goobledegook up close, and makes sense when you zoom out, so do these lines. I find this to be a good way to really focus on the non-physical technical aspects of playing lines through changes. Thoughts?

  2. silverwater

    Hmm. I gave it a shot, and while it's a good mental exercise it doesn't really seem like it'd be more beneficial than let's say, 4 notes per harmonic change, since 4 notes gives you that mental workout in addition to being musical. That stuff about impressionism doesn't really make any sense in this context; the end result was too convoluted and it just sounded like you were playing random notes.

  3. silverwater

    I've heard that Hal claims that Charlie Parker used to purposely anticipate chord changes by as much as 2 measures. Has else anyone heard this? I wonder at the validity of this claim, and that even at up-tempo speeds it would just seem like you were lost.

  4. Sandemose

    silverwater: Kurt talks about this on a clinic on youtube...he plays a Moffa, and he shows his pentatonic wholestep excersice. At the end he talks about anticipate chordchanges (up to 4?) while improvising. I myself, have problems just playing changes as they are though...

    best, Sandemose

  5. silverwater: Analyse Parker`s solo on "Chi-Chi". Lotta huge anticipations from way ahead.


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