Game in the Rain (Bonus)

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  1. tyrone2k

  2. fakejake

    wow never heard of that. would love to hear it

  3. Lasse S

    LOL!! The tracklist from amazon:

    1. Jibago
    2. Minor Blues
    3. Shifting Design
    4. Buzz's Of The Heart
    5. Filters
    6. Use Of Light
    7. Next Step
    8. Life Anhols
    9. Game In The Rain (Bonus Track)

    Hahahahaha!! Jibago, Buzz's of the Heart and Life Anhols.. would love to hear those ;)

  4. jbroad

    there was also a japanese bonus track on "the enemies of energy" too. i haven't been able to find either of them. maybe kurt can chime in on this


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