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  1. Chris

    I saw Nir Felder a few days ago and noticed he had an overdrive pedal I wasn't familiar with. It was named something like overdrizilla or overdrive-zilla.. Not sure and can't seem to find it on the web :/

    For reverb lately I've been using the TC Hall of Fame, but I'm considering buying a Lexicon LXP-1. Any thoughts or other recommendations?
    I think the strymon pedals are great, just don't have 475-500 bones to throw at the blue sky right now. How do you guys like the EHX holy grail? and is there a massive difference between the nano and max? Is anyone an EHX memory boy/man advocate? I never really got into ehx so idk if theyre high end sounds/effects.. A lot of great players use the Boss DD-3 (or at least used to). I have the DD-7 and am feeling like it its missing something in comparison.

    I purchased the strymon timeline recently and am extremely pleased. It's simple to use, but I do find it daunting at times with so many options. That's why pedals like the Hall of Fame reverb work great for me, because I can find a great sound and really only have 4 knobs (options). With the timeline/blue sky, options are limitless. Which is amazing, but also daunting and a bit intimidating at times (to me).

    Do any of you prefer the maxonTs9 over the Ibanez reissue Ts9?

  2. fakejake

    Regarding reverb, I am very happy with the digitech hardwire pedal, which emulates a lexicon rack. It sounds great and has lots of different reverb types available. I have no reason to look for another reverb pedal at the moment. Kurt used this pedal for a while as well.
    I can’t tell you about the two tubescreamers you mentioned, but I’ve had the exotic BB preamp for some time and it is an excellent booster/ od pedal. I believe it is very close to the original tubescreamer designwise, just a little more versatile
    As for delay, I’d also love to get my hands on a strymon brigadier, but can’t afford one currently…. I have a boss dd-5, but I hardly use it, it just doesn’t deliver the sound I am looking for.
    Anybody still uses an empress eq? I’ve seen a few on ebay recently, but I couldn’t afford them anyway.

  3. Despite many people's rave reviews of the coveted maxon, I only keep mine because it was given to me.
    I find it just thins the signal . Tube screamer had a nicer gradation between extremes

  4. Gomoschmortz

    For delay and reverb check out the new h9 from eventide. I have the big sky and the timeline and I'm happy with them , but watch the youtubevideos, it's really amazing what you can do with the h9 plus bluetooth and ipad. For boosting I use the new Klone ktr and a throbak powerbooster. For od an vemuram jan ray for marshall simulation an Catalinbread dirty little secret2. All these are quite interactive.

  5. geetarted

    I highly recommend the Maxon SD-9. Simply the best. No bass loss and it does everything a tubecreamer can do and more. My go too pedal!! Fantastic!

  6. jorgemg1984

    I don't think moving from the HOF to the Lexicon will be a big upgrade, the HOF is pretty good. Also racks are very unpractical.

    The flashback is a very simple good sounding delay too, much better than the DD-7 and much easy to sue than the Timeline.

    I need a bass switch and a gain pot to use a Tube Screamer into a clean platform (like the BYOC 2). I think a RAT based pedal (like the VFE Alpha Dog) works better with clean amps.

    What's your guitar / amp?

  7. Chris

    I currently use a 58' telecaster reissue with a seymour duncan 59 humbucker in the neck pickup, an early 80s polytone mini brute 3 but also use a fender deluxe reverb as well.. I love my HOF reverb to death even though the 9v battery has never worked. Just bought an el capistan/favorite tap, an Allen Holdsworth boost, and a lehle L parallel and I'm hoping this will evolve my sound a bit more...

    I saw Ben Monder two weeks ago and it made me want to buy a Lxp-1 even though his was modified by some guy in Cali. I saw Nir, J Kreisberg, and L Loueke all using the boss dd-3.. Might be somethin' special?

    I wanna try an ibanez Ts9 or maxon ts9.. I have a maxon sd 9 and like it, I don't love it.
    Any guesses on the overdrizilla?

    Thanks for your input Jorge, always appreciated.


  8. Wayne Krantz uses a DD-3 too. It's a solid unit for sure, from when Boss was still through-hole construction, before they switched to surface mount components.
    Nir Felder's ***zilla may be a Verbzilla (reverb, not an overdrive)
    Or even possibly one of my Codtone Codzilla overdrives.
    They're all limited edition, custom builds, so I'd know if I'd built it for him, but there are a few floating around out there, you never know who's hands they'll turn up in...

  9. Chris

    AHHHHHHh, it's a verbzilla!

    Thanks guitarmageddon!! I took a quick glance and saw *ver&*zilla and assumed it was an OD. Swear it looked like Overdrizilla, but your def right verbzilla it is!


  10. smoke

    Yes, Nir uses a Line 6 Verbzilla and a Line 6 DL4. He normally uses a keeley-modded TS808, but I've seen him use a TS9 and a Zvex Box of Rock. He runs the gain low and the volume up on the dirt boxes. He says that the DL4 gives him a little bit of a boost. I've heard him one on one and his sound is his sound. He sounds the same on recording as he does on stage as he does when he sits across from you. It is the combination of those pedals and his strat with huge strings that gives him his sound. He has a unique pick attack too - kind of chaotically fluid if that makes sense.

    Monder is the same way. He uses very modest gear and has a unique attack.

    I guess the take-away is find what you like that you can afford and make it work by practicing a lot. Most of these dudes don't even like to talk about gear from what I've found.


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