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  1. Alvin

    Hey, guys (and girls?)!

    I remember this topic was on the old forum, but it's time to resurrect it!
    So it would be great if you'd send a list of the guitar-involved equipment you are using or have used.
    The purpose of this is that if any of you are searching for new ways for altering your sound or planning to buy some new gadget, you can check here first and send a post.
    I.e. "Mr X, I see you have a Stagg guitar. Planning to get one myself. What do you think of it?"
    So that Mr X can reply "Are you nuts?!"

    So here we go...

    ESP XTone PC-1V (with D'Addario rounds .013-.056. Used to use flats, same gauge)
    Yamaha F340 series acoustic (with La Bella .011-something, phosphor bronze)
    Fender Jazz King amp
    Modified Boss DS-1 distortion
    Boss FW 3 foot wah
    Boss FV 50 volume pedal
    Dunlop picks: 0.71mm, 1mm and Big Stubby 3mm
    Ibanez CU 30 tuner (DON'T BUY THIS!)
    Korg metronome
    Tasker, Vovox and Carvin cables

    I think that's it...

    All the best! :)

  2. Dunlop 0.96mm
    Höfner Jazzica
    red guitar cord
    Fender Studio Lead

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  3. 111

    Moll Archtop
    '79 Ibanez Artist Semi Hollow
    90's Sheraton semi-hollow
    prs custom22
    jeff beck custom strat
    parker fly
    '84 tele
    '80 Polytone 15"
    henriksen 12"
    mesa lonestar
    84'mesa mark III
    line 6 delay (getting a eventide next week)
    voodoo labs chr and sparkle drive
    boss chr
    old dirty RAT pedal
    misc. pedals Boss,voodoo labs,soldano,line 6
    misc joe meek rack stuff
    line6 head and a pod
    D'ADDARIO 11's flat
    yellow tortex picks
    mogami gtr cables
    george L's patch cables
    voodoo labs power supply
    stomping ground custom case

  4. Dunlop jazz III picks;
    D'addario XL jazzrock 0.11-.49 strings;
    Allan holdsworth carvin fatboy;
    George L cables;
    boss loop station;
    boss octave pedal;
    volume pedal;
    fender jazzmaster ultralight amp.

    Regal resonator guitar.

  5. andyjazz

  6. denjz

    1991 Gibson ES-175
    Ibanez AS-120
    Victor Baker 35 semi-hollow
    1990 Ricardo Sanchis f-30 flamenco
    Xotic BB preamp
    Proco RAT - Vodka Mod
    Ibanez TS-9
    Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
    Boss DD3
    Vox Wah
    Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano
    Ernie Ball volume pedal
    George L's cables
    Planet Waves cables
    DR strings
    Sadowsky strings
    Stone Picks

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Denjz, how about DR strings ? Do you think they could work well on my 335 ? I was looking for new strings with a "balanced" sound, i'm fed-up with d'addario.
    Thanks !

  8. denjz

    DR's are great,although they have slightly darker tone than say D'Addarios,they last much longer.I use roundwounds 012-052 (with wound 3rd string) on my Victor Baker semi-hollow (which is kind of improved version of a 335) and I'm pretty happy with the tone I'm getting.

  9. Dunlop 3mm Stubby
    .10s -- Haven't decided what brand. DR is next up
    PRS Hollowbody 1
    10' Mogami
    Peterson StroboStomp
    Mesa/Boogie Mark 1 Reissue

  10. ES-175
    Thomastick Be-Bop strings
    Evidence Audio cable
    Carr rambler
    Acoustic Image Coda
    Wegen Picks

  11. Kapteinar

    Ibanez as-200 from 1980 w/ 12s
    Furch a17 with 11 flats

    Line 6 m9
    Polytone Mini Brute II

  12. 1970 Gibson ES 335
    Haar Telecaster
    Lehle Sunday Driver
    Silverface Vibro Champ
    Dunlop Picks
    12' Roundwound Thomastik Strings
    Boss JS 5 Jam Station

  13. animitta

    - Archtop
    Gibson ES 175 - 1988
    Strings: Thomastik JS 113 ( Flat Wound )
    Pick Pro Plec D'Andrea

    - Electric Acoustic Guitar
    Yamaha CGX-171CCA
    Strings: Hannabach - Super High Tension

    - Electric
    Yamaha Pacifica 112 + GK2 Hexaphonic Pick Up
    Strings: Usually Thomastik Infeld (0.10) but currently D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound (0.13)

    - Guitar Synth
    Roland GR1 Guitar Synthesizer

    - Digital Recorder
    BOSS Micro BR

    - Amplifier
    198X - Polytone Baby Brute

    No pedal at all ( i just would like to buy a volume pedal )

  14. gibson es-775
    d'angelico ny-dc(kurt's guitar double cutaway)
    d'angelico ny-dc limited edition
    henriksen jazz amp 10
    fender twin
    nova reverb
    d'addario chromes 12's
    pro plec 1.5mm
    vovox sonorus cables
    peterson strobostomp

    cant say enough about the d'angelico guitars, like nigel says you could go out and and have a bite and you'd still be hearin' that one

  15. Sadowsky Semi Hollow with d'addario flatwound 12's
    Custom made Les Paul with d'addario flatwound 11's
    73 Fender Twin
    70's Polytone Minibrute
    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
    Boss dd-6 digital delay
    Jazz III picks

  16. JorgeRubiales

    Ibanez AF75
    Various strings, .012 for classic sound, .010 for a mixed style.
    Harley Benton ga5 tube amp with 2x12
    Amplitube live
    Jazz III and big stubby 2.0mm picks

  17. Smith,

    I just bought a NY-DC limited edition model. I saw it (and played it) and knew I had to just get it. But I was wondering if you could tell me more about the guitar. I cant find much information about it at all and I'm dying to know more. If you don't mind, tell me everything you know about it whenever you have a moment.

    Also you said "kurt's dc guitar," isn't his the NY-SS-3B, the single cutaway version I always see him playing.

    Is there a difference between the ny-dc and the ny-dc limited edition in terms of quality and/or playability?

    Thanks so much,

  18. where did you find one? that's great! i have the regular and a limited one(i figured if i owned 2 i would never be without, they are addictive). the guitar is the nyss-3b, dc stands for double cutaway. the regular one is an '07 and the serial # sticker says crews corp. the limited is an '04 and the sticker says vestax. the limited seems to have a slightly wider(not deeper)body. other than that they seem physically the same. the sound however.....when i first got the regular dc it was the best guitar i had played. tone and feel. then came the limited, not any difference in feel but the tone is better. it sounds more woody. they might use a higher quality wood in the limited i dont really know. d'angelico vestax and crews maniac sound are 2 websites that still advertise these guitars. ive never had a response from either. anyway enjoy the awesome guitar!


  19. Hey Smith,

    Thanks so much for the response.

    Yes my limited ed ny-dc says vestax corp on the sticker and both the serial no and signature are handwritten in ink on the sticker. I am so happy to hear that this limited edition ny-dc is just as good if not better than the regular ny-dc.

    Do you have any pictures of your guitars? I have a few mine, maybe we could exchange for curiosity's sake?


  20. carlescountry

    I have spoken many times with D'Angelico Vestax. Crews Maniac is its official distributor in Japan, and is responsible for sales and services in that country. All the guitars are Vestax. When they shipped out of Japan put the label of the company (Vestax), and for the Japanese domestic market is the label of Crews.

    The D'Angelico NY-DC is a limited edition for the Japanese market. Maybe some guitar put "limited edition", but they are all the same guitar for that market. This is D'Angelico but all of spec and ideas are from "Crews". So materials are little different from other original D'Angelico model. Japanese limited model.

    The differences between the semihollows NYSS-3 (stop-bar tailpiece) or NYSS-3B ("New Yorker" style brass trapeze tailpiece) with the double cutaway NY-DC are:

    - The first two have maple back with beautiful figured grain, while the NY-DC has maple back but its grain is plain (type ES-335).

    - The NYSS-3 and the NYSS-3B has a maple neck, while the NY-DC has a mahogany neck (the website of D'Angelico Vestax is wrong in this regard, as in the scale length: all three are 24 3 / 4 and not 25 1 / 2, as they say)

    I hope this information helps.

  21. carlescountry thanks for the info. so is there any difference between the ny-dc on the vestax website and the one on this website edromand'angelico?
    i have both and the only physical differences are the fret inlays but the tone on the limited is much more woody sounding even to a non musician.


  22. Carlescountry, thanks a lot of the info. I was totally unaware of all that.

    Perhaps NY-DC's which were exported were given the limited edition emblem and the vestax marking on the serial no sticker while the NY-DC's which were sold domestically were not given the limited ed emblem bore the name Crews. This is a total guess, but my NY-DC has a limited edition emblem and the vestax name on it, which would make sense. And smith here has the other NY-DC and it has Crews name on it and has no limited edition emblem. Although you claim the two ny-dc's are the same, are you sure its not impossible for them to be different, as smith claims the difference in sound is quite profound.

    Would you think that the using a mahogany neck rather than maple would change the tone significantly? I know woods do have an effect, but since both guitars are of the same quality and the attachment of the necks are done by hand on both, I don't know if it would have an effect.


  23. carlescountry

    Hello. First of all apologies for the delay. I've been very busy these days.

    It is difficult to know exactly some details about the D'Angelico Vestax guitars.

    I have spoken with them and they have told me before the start of production of the NY-DC for the Japanese market, made a small amount of guitars, some with the emblem "limited edition" on the fret 19. That was about 2002-2003.
    Maybe later they manufactured more, as Ed Roman says the NY-DC that sell it in 2005. It's hard to know.

    Characteristics appear to be the same, but if the "limited edition" of Smith sounds better, there may be some difference with the regular model. Difficult to guess, right? What is certain is that I have three catalogs of D'Angelico Vestax guitars, and none of them appears the NY-DC model.

    Regarding the wood of the neck, maple is heavier mahogany. In addition, a single cutaway increases the tendency of basses in relation to a double cutaway. Therefore, the NYSS-3 has a fatter sound than the NY-DC.

    Now there is a NY-DC "limited edition" on eBay for $ 3,000 or Best Offer.

  24. chollus

    Ibanez Arstist semi hollow 1980
    seymour duncan jazzII pickup
    Aer compact 60 but sometimes koch studio and polytone minibrute head with mesaboogie cabinet
    mxr ten bands EQ
    overdrive : rat or tube screamer
    whammy digitech
    delay : dl4 line 6 with expression pedal
    tc electronics novaverb
    thomastick strings 12 50
    ibanez picks patrick rondat model (great)

  25. JorgeRubiales

    I'm about to order a ZT Lunchbox (the regular model, not the acoustic, as weight is a serious problem and every kg counts). Somebody played one of these? I'll use it to play mostly jazz, so I'm interested in clean tone and headroom. My preferred soundn is that of kurt, metheny, sometimes peter bernstein...I hope you get the idea.

    Thank you all, this is a great thread!

  26. jbroad

    to you guys that are using the henriksen jazz amps. are they good for a contemporary jazz guitar tone ala kurt, sco, metheny, and frisell and do they work well with overdrive pedals? i'm looking for a small, lightweight amp for restaurant sized gigs and sessions. thanks.

  27. "to you guys that are using the henriksen jazz amps. are they good for a contemporary jazz guitar tone ala kurt, sco, metheny, and frisell and do they work well with overdrive pedals? i'm looking for a small, lightweight amp for restaurant sized gigs and sessions. thanks. "

    No absolutly not. They are extremly fast in the response and very midrangey. I spent a couple of hours with one and could not get it to sound right. They are good for artchtop cleansound but thats it, at least for my taste. Having said that, they are very well built. Get a seconhand polytone or maybe a Roland bascube from the 80`s if you want something light.

  28. jbroad

    "No absolutly not. They are extremly fast in the response and very midrangey. I spent a couple of hours with one and could not get it to sound right. They are good for artchtop cleansound but thats it, at least for my taste. Having said that, they are very well built. Get a seconhand polytone or maybe a Roland bascube from the 80`s if you want something light. "

    wow. really? all of the reviews that i've read say that they're like a better sounding, better constructed polytone amp.

  29. yeah ,thats what i read to and why i took it home to test drive it. Try one out though and se if u like it. I want an amp to let the tone "sing" , kind of like tube compresion . What this amp did for me was that it brought out the attack when i hit the string and then died of to quick. It actually sounded better with a telecaster with ordinary 10 Ths than a semihollow with flats.

  30. denjz

    @jbroad : I do think of a henriksen as a kind of better sounding polytone.The difference between them is that on henriksen you can crank up the treble more without getting that harsh sound - it can be bright yet remain fat.It does respond faster than a tube amp,but that's typical for all solid state amps.
    I use it a lot with my semi-hollow and it sounds very good,so it isn't a one trick "archtop" pony.It is quite powerful and lightweight.Although it takes pedals ok, for some reason I still prefer to use it for clean sound with no effects and tend to use my fender deluxe for distorted tones. But that's my personal taste - I don't like how distortion pedals blend with polytone either...

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