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Gear list

(56 posts)
  1. jbroad

    thanks denjz. i'm going to check one out this week and i'll report back. i've been using an axe fx for all of my effects lately and have been really happy with it. i'm curious to see how it will sound through the heinriksen

  2. Does anybody know where kurt got his D'angelico NYSS 3B from?
    There are Vestax ones which are around $4000,
    the Korean ones(I think) which are under $2000,
    and then the Originals which are about what? $30,000?
    I've been researching online and have heard a lot of stories I'm not sure to believe.

    Anyone have an Idea?

  3. denjz

    I think it's a japanese Vestax D'Angelico. As far as I know John D'Angelico didn't make semi hollow guitars.

  4. JorgeRubiales

    Nope, D'angelico made just full hollows. Kurt's one is definitely Japanese, as the Korean ones are relatively new, as far as I know.

  5. jorgemg1984


    I ve seen you ve been discussing then henriksens, I have a 112 one, is sounds amazing with my 1965 Guild but very harsh on the treble with my Cort Source. The Cort has Bare Knuclkes Stormy Monday, pots, caps, vintage cloth wire, schaller bridge and tail and sounds great with other amps.

    In the henriksen I put the treble on eqs on zero and with neck pickup and tone roled down and I still have a lot of treble.

    I am thinking about changing the speaker, maybe to an eminence swamp thang, I dont want to spend more than 100 euros, any ideias?

  6. JorgeRubiales

    My advice is: try first with an eq pedal in front. You wouldn't believe how much you can change your tone without having to change your speakers. That is, if we're talking about relatively small changes, but anyway...

    By the way, try to lower the volume knob aswell, you can reduce high freq that way too.

    EDIT: I got my lunchbox today, I'll comment when I try it a full blast tomorrow ^_^

  7. jorgemg1984

    Hi Jorge, thanks for your answer (and nice name too!)

    I have already tried an EQ pedal and of course its a great option but I actually dont think of it as a solution to the problem - you must have a good sound when you dial your guitar to your amp in my opinion, the only pedal I ALWAYS use is a reverb pedal because I never get the reverb I want from amps. Apart form that my things have to sound good without an EQ pedal, I am not in the mood for taking my pedalboard with me when I play a duo jazz gig in an art gallery or something like that. If you have to use an EQ pedal to change your sound (not to correct it) I think you must change something in your gear.

    Actually I still have room for one pedal in my pedalboard and I will buy an Empress EQ in a few months, I think its great to make small changes in your sound or to adjust your sound to a specific room but I dont like using it to completely shape your tone - thats a good option when you re on the road and you have to rely on some Twin Reverb or JC-120 that you dont like the sound, but not with your own things in my opinion.

    I have decided to put an EV in my JA112 after talking with a guy who tried a lot of speakers in these amps and he told me the EV was completely amazing - I didnt want one because it weights a lot and costs 200€ but I have bought an old Peavey Bandit 65 recently (an amazing amp, you can buy it much cheaper than a Roland Cube 60 and it sounds much better and has a huge accutronics reverb tank) and I ll use it for my small gigs so the weight on the Henriksen its not really a problem now with the Peavey. I am expecting a huge improvement on sound, the stock speaker its not a good option in my opinion - I have put an Eminence Cannabis Rex on a Tweed Blues Junior and it sounds MUCH better, the 90€ were really well spent (I ll also do some Bill M Mods soon). Speakers and pickups / electronics are the best gear improvement you can make in my opinion, sometimes people are buy and sell a lot of guitars / amps and changing these things is the way to go most of the times , if you know what you want.

    I ll write about the EV on the Henriksen and the Bill M Mods on the Blues Junior when I´ll have them done (in two weeks probably to let the speaker do the break in). Tell me about the ZT when you have it, the size and weight of that thing seems really great...

  8. JorgeRubiales

    Well, the ZT came this monday, and I tried it in my conservatory yesterday. It weighs less than 5 kg, and though I was a little uncomfortable I was able to carry it in its bag (sold separately), my guitar and books, all in my bycicle. It shouldn't be too much hassle to take it on a bus or train.

    About the size, its ridiculous really. It's kind of a boss stompbox deep, 1 1/2 high and 2 1/2 wide. It doesn't offer much control, just really a tone control that acts like a countour eq. I don't know exactly if it just cuts or boosts highs, or cuts highs when boosting lows, I have to listen more closely to that. Then you have a general volume and a gain volume. The gain is the input gain, so you set it halfway to start and adjust depending on your input signal. In my experience, with an Ibanez af75 archtop and low output pickups. no matter where you set it, the most you can get is a kind of liiiiiiitle breakup (kind of a valve breakup but just a tiny little bit. We tried it with another student's strat and it broke a liiiitle bit more). All in all, I can say that this is a loud clean amp.

    The ambience control is a controversy I had read in the forums. Well, it isn't a reverb, and the manual certainly says so. It kind of emulates the early reflections produced by an open cabinet when on full, does nothing when on 0 (since this is a closed back combo), and anything between. Its really a subtle effect, and to me it sounds more like early reflections than a reverb. I've found it to affect high frequencies specially, but it might be because of the speaker size. I haven't tried with an extension cabinet.

    Speaking of which, you have an 8ohm out in the back to hook up a cabinet. You have an internal speaker switch too, and a phones/line output with volume control. Also there is a line input in minijack format.

    The power cord is of the same kind as those of desktop computers, the three pin ones. Very useful, since you want mobility. The odd thing, mine came without it, I don't know if it's a flaw in the packaging or if it doesn't even come with its power cord.

    The volume of this baby, well, its very loud. It doesn't feel like 120 watt rms, mostly because of the lack of low end punch. It doesn't fart when you play low on your guitar, but it lacks punch. My classroom is something like 3'5 meters by 7'5 m. We put this beast to 3/4 of its volume, and it could be heard perfectly on the outside, 25 meters out of the classroom. So, more than enough to hear yourself in a gig and mike it up or better, send its line out to PA. We compared it side to side with a Hugues&Kettner Attax 80 and an old solid state marshall combo (very nice sound for jazz, by the way) without any problem. I can say that in terms of "feel", in close field the zt feels like a 50 watt combo (because the mentioned lack of punch). But if you have a larger speaker available at the gig, I'm sure it would hit you pretty hard in the chest. I'm happy anyway, since my archtop sometimes is too boomy, and it doesn't bother me to sacrifice some low end.

    The sound itself is nice, but a little too dry. I feel that with an eq pedal in front this would be great. I hooked up a behringer analog delay and it changed a lot. This amp takes pedals very well. My teacher was raving on this little baby, and wanted to hook up his boss dd-3 on this. Great sounding too. He didn't stop telling me for 2 hours "this is th ebest investment you could have made. I'm even thinking in getting one myself for the electric guitars". And this comes from a professional, classically trained guy, who likes very clean sounds. You can check him in by the way, his name is Javier Infante.

    Anyway, here is the best and worse of this amp:

    BEST: Volume, headroom, takes pedals very well, doesn't change your tone too much.

    WORSE: No eq, little low end for metalheads, you have to buy its bag separately.

    Overall rating: 9/10

    Hope you dig it! ;)

  9. Kapteinar


    Ibanez AS-200 w13 roundwounds
    Godin 5th Avenue with 12s roundwounds
    Fender Telecaster CIJ with 11s roundwounds

    Fender Twin Reverb
    Line 6 M13

  10. bingefeller

    Well here is my gear:

    Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
    Cornell Romany
    Boss CS-3 Compressor
    Suhr Riot
    TC Electronic Flashback Delay

    I have lots of other pedals but those are the ones I'm using at the moment and am pretty happy. I'm more of a rock player trying, very hard, to get into some jazzy sounds.

  11. Azraelwave

    Guitar:D'angelico NYSS-3B sunbrust
    Melancon custom guitar:rosewood neck Bazilian Rosewood fingerboard swamp ash back maple top with tone charbmers

    Rat reissue pedal Line6 dl4

    No amp......

  12. jorgemg1984

    No amp? Is that possible?

  13. Gia5

    here's my gear (only pedals)
    amp: fender deluxe reverb 65 reissue, polytone minibrute III, vox ac30 cc1.

  14. Babak411

    Epiphone Sheraton
    G&L Comanche
    Paco Marin Classical

    Polytone Mega Brute
    Peavey Classic 30

    Erine Ball Volume pedal
    Morley Bad Horse 2 Wah
    Electro Harmonix H.O.G. + foot controller
    MXR phase 90
    Electro Harmonix Small Clone
    Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory man
    Boss RC-20 Loop Station

    Had a couple questions before I try to sell two of my pedals....When I use the Morley wah it sounds very out of place, the volume jumps up big time when I use it and also the same thing happens with my phase 90 pedal, just wondering any suggestions to try to fix the issue. All pedals are in my FX loop and are also in the order listed above.

  15. jorgemg1984

    Its probably a calibration or a pot issue, google it or take the pedals to a good tech to find out, maybe its easy and cheap to fix it

  16. Babak411

    Thanks. I'll look into it.

  17. JorgeRubiales

    It may be a dumb answer, but have you checked if your wah is in contour mode? In that mode you have a level pot, and if its set too high it may lead to volume bumps. If not, maybe inside the pedal you may find a trimmer to adjust the gain (I'm not sure, but it's not a rare feature. If you don't know anything about electronics, take it to a tech though...)

  18. gleepglop

    1993 Gibson ES165
    2007? D'Angelico EX-DC
    2009 Gibson L4
    Prisloe Pavan Classical

    Amps and Speakers:
    Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
    70s SF Fender Princeton
    70 SF Fender Vibro-champ
    1976 Mesa Boogie Mark I
    Raezer's Edge Stealth 12
    Weird little Epiphone amp that sounds pretty nice.

    Analogman Ibanez TS9
    90s Proco Rat
    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
    MXR Carbon Copy Delay
    MXR 10-band EQ
    Boss EQ
    TC Nova Reverb
    Boss Tremolo
    Danelectro Dan-Echo

    I use all kinds of picks.

  19. Babak411

    Yeah I've tried it in both contour and also just regular, both with the same result. Unfortunatly I don't know a thing about electronics but I'm going to see what I can do. Takin it to a tech seems extreme to me though, do you think that it would be worth it? I mean the wah isnt vintage or anything, that's why I was considering selling it and just purchasing one that does fit.

  20. JorgeRubiales

    Anybody tried Peerless archtops? I tried one or two the other day and I was very impressed, specially the 17" one, though it was laminated it really had an excellent tone, and the neck was superb.

    Maybe it was just the novelty, anyone has spent time with one of those?

  21. carlescountry

    I have a Robert Conti guitar made by Peerless. It is a thinline 17", all solid woods. He has an excellent neck. A good guitar at a reasonable price.

  22. JorgeRubiales

    I looked at it again the other day. They surely play great, and look great, and have a very nice sound. I saw a little detail that might prevent from buying online.

    The tailpiece was a 3 screw one, and one of those was a little bit rusty, out of axis and outside the hole, and it wasn't the same kind as the other three.

    So, they can definitely produce high quality guitars, but my advice would be to examine closely the guitar you're going to buy, and to go home with the one you've tried, not a boxed and untested model.

  23. david6strings


  24. LeonardoB

    Epiphone Sheraton '92
    D'addario EJ21 (Jazz Light Roundwounds 0.12)
    Dunlop Jazztone 207 Pick
    Strymon Brigadier Delay + M-Audio Ex-p (expression pedal)
    Proel volume pedal
    Fender Deluxe Reverb '65 reissue

    Next step is gonna be an overdrive/booster, undecided between Xotic AC/BB, ProCo RAT (whiteface and modified), VoodooLab Sparkle Drive..and then I'll probably buy a Lehle Parallel L.


  25. david6strings

    xotic bb (the orange one not the bb plus) are great but for jazz i recommend the voodoolab or the rat

    by the way i tried the D'andrea pro-plecs and is a good alternative for the 207's

  26. jorgemg1984

    I think Kresiberg uses the sparkle drive and I really like his OD sound. Not sure how it works for boosting, I use my EQ or my Lehle for that.

    Pro Plecs are great!


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