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  1. riverstooge

    So I've been getting into this tune a lot. I have the lead sheet from the Rosenwinkel book but I can't seem to find the pattern over the B section. I thought I remember Kurt saying (in a clinic) that it was a sort of exercise turned into a tune, like a practice over all keys. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks

  2. mikelorenz

    I dont' know if I've heard the clinic you mention but it sounds to me like Kurt was talking about his tune "Cubism," which features a different key center in each measure (if I remember correctly) of the A section.

  3. riverstooge

    Mikelorenz, thanks, I found that clinic and that's exactly what I was thinking of, cubism. I guess I'll start from scratch on Gesture, I wonder if I can apply for a PHD after figuring this one out. Haha. Cheers


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