Giant Steps Improvisation

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  1. mads4258


    My name is Mads and I'm an 18 years old guitarist from Denmark. I've been working on playing jazz standards in odd-time signatures for a while and in this video I'm playing Giant Steps in 7/4. I would like to hear what you guys think about my improvisation and to get some criticism?

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  2. SoWhat


  3. mrzzajjazz

    Wow! Are you sure you're just 18?

  4. jazznan

    Wow! Nice, work if you can get it, and you can get if if you try....keep playing!!!

  5. slyzspyz

    ^^^ pretty sure he's right handed and the image is reversed, if you check youtube there are some other clips showing him playing righty (I really like the harmonica player, he has a great tone)

    the Giant Steps clip is really impressive and it's obvious you are well advanced beyond your years, but if you seek constructive criticism I'd post something with cleaner audio so we can hear it better. Delay and reverb get overly compressed and louder by camera/laptop mic's and wash out and obscure the attack, plus it's a bit distorted so we can't hear your actual tone.
    One thing I'd have to say is I don't claim to be able to play as good or any better, but I'd work on trying to phrase in 7/4 as natural as 4/4. At the moment it's very scalar/arpeggio based without a lot of motivic development or space. A problem I have is playing lots of eighth notes in order to keep time on complex tunes or time signatures, so working on overcoming that might help.
    But yeah you sound great man


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