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  1. bcampbell27

    Hello Kurt Forum .......I recently purchased a
    Gibson Howard Roberts hollowbody from the 70's . I've been trying to
    find a gig bag for it and would like to pick up a reunion blues .....I contacted them and they told me they don't have anything .
    the problem is the scale length and head stock on this guitar is quite
    long when I try to fit in my old reunion blues gig bag it doesn't fit . this is the exact guitar

    Does anyone make a longer
    scale gig bag? Custom gig bag? Any suggestions would be greatly
    appreciated!!! I've been using my reunion blues gig bag for my es -175 and every time I'm walking around taking the train or putting the guitar in the car I have a phobia I'm gonna snap the headstock off....Thanks!

  2. Goddamn! This will not help you at all but, seeing this photo brings back many memories.
    I had a Ventura ( essentially an ibanez exact knock off of this guitar). I saw it in the shop and traded whatever I had towards it; I'm left handed so they punched a hole in the body on the other side for the input jack . I'd occasionally accidentally roll tone and volume knobs as per this unergonomic condition but I didn't care : that thing sounded beautiful ! Plugged in to anything or on the couch- just beautiful.
    As a stupid suburban teen in the summer , I went to go skinny dipping late night in the pool and hot tub of an apartment complex with this girl . The complete and utter stupidity of my ' care free ' stupid vibe has inadvertently gifted many things. long story short: it was taken out of my unlocked (FUCKING DUH!!!!) car while I was making out . That's not even lesson learned- its just stupid. I believe I later saved up and ( I forget the order ) either got a guild songbird ( thin electric acoustic with Grover's ) or a neck through body gretsch with a simple solid body jobber from the 70's. ahhhh, the pre-internet days of ma and pa shops and trading/laying away rad vintage shit at a nominal blue book price

  3. JPMike

    What about Mono Cases and Gigbags??

  4. PFDP

    I donĀ“t know the lenght of the guitar...But take I look to Haverst. Leather, expensive and beautiful.

  5. Jan

    Hey Bcampbell27, I ordered a gigbag from Mono (the biggest one for acoustic guitars) and it should fit properly if you check the dimensions. I can update you next week when I tried it.

  6. Matt

    @floatingbridge: the things women make us go through right....

  7. Benny

    I carry my Moffa archtop around in one of these Reunion Blues bags without issue:

    Lage Lund uses the same bag for his Sadowsky Jim Hall.


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