Gig Bags for Semi's?

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  1. jbear

    I hope this is an appropriate question for this forum as I am new here.
    Can anyone point me toward an affordable, well-padded, thick skinned (600 Denier or more), decently made gig bag for a 335 sized guitar? I've seen some very expensive bags, but I have a hardshell and this is just for occasional use. I see a ton of bags online, but the way they are described is all over the place. A few give dimensions and padding thickness; most just say "electric," "acoustic," and things like "well-padded." Not too helpful. So, if you've had some actual hands-on experience with a particular bag that you think is worth checking out, I would be grateful to you for sharing your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Poparad

    I use a Kaces acoustic guitar case, and pad it slightly with some towels for my 135. It's one of those polyfoam/hard gig bags. I've been very pleased with it.

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  3. jbear

    Thank you for the input. May I ask what material it's lined with?

  4. Benny

    Roger Sadowsky sells the Mooradian gig bags for archops. Come in full and semi-hollow body sizes. If he recommends them, they're definitely worth checking out.

  5. Poparad

    This is the one I have:

    I have a Gibson ES-135 LE, which is a semi-hollow, and it just about fits perfectly, but is a little on the slim side, so a small hand towel has done the trick in padding it. Whatever "polyfoam" is, is what's lining it. It's pretty tough; not quite a hardshell case, but very sturdy. The pockets/straps are nice and sturdy.

  6. Colonel Trane

    Check out reunioun blues cases, I just got one and they are supposed to be able to withstand 40 foot falls. It is pretty sturdy and has a decent amount of room for accessories plus back pack straps.

  7. jbear

    Thanks for all of the replies. The Kaces looks interesting to me...that might do it.

  8. geetarted

    I have a 2009 custom re-issue 335 and found the Mono semi-hollow case to be outstanding.

  9. mikelorenz

    i'll second the vote for the mono case...i've had mine for 2 months and really love it


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