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  1. Just thought I would take a stab at this,I have previous tour experience in the alternative music field since 1984.I have been playing jazzy instrumentals/solo guitar for the past couple of years.I would love to get my feet wet(dirty is more like it)in this genre.Whats the best way to find gigs in the NYC area?Though I consider myself a world musician(e.g. Mike Oldfield) I am contemplating as to whether jazz clubs may be more accessible.I am fully cognizant that the jazz scene is very difficult to break into and have a strong tolerance of rejection so that's not a factor;recognizing that I will of course be playing for next to nothing,What clubs are accessible in the aforementioned scenario?
    (I left a video below as a means to show where I am at technically,the playing is more avante-garde/experimental but I also play chord melody stuff which I have not yet videoed.There is also piano stuff there as well.)Thnx much~

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  2. silverwater

    You've gotta find people to play with first...Open jam sessions/Craigslist

  3. Matt

    from what i've heard, it takes about 5 years to get on the scene in new york city and that's assuming you've gotta lot of shit together. go to sessions, ask to sit in, make connections.

  4. Hey thanks for everyone's input.I was thinking more along the lines of a solo gig doing chord melody songs.I heard restaurants are a good place to begin,I already looked into a few in Queens where I live.


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