Gig Hungry pt.2

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  1. Hi there friends,for some reason I was unable to view the comments made on the original post.So I hope no one minds if I re-post the original sans the video.

    Just thought I would take a stab at this,I have previous tour experience in the alternative music field since 1984.I have been playing jazzy instrumentals/solo guitar for the past couple of years.I would love to get my feet wet(dirty is more like it)in this genre.Whats the best way to find gigs in the NYC area?Though I consider myself a world musician(e.g. Mike Oldfield) I am contemplating as to whether jazz clubs may be more accessible.I am fully cognizant that the jazz scene is very difficult to break into and have a strong tolerance against rejection so that's not a factor;recognizing that I will of course be playing for next to nothing,What clubs,bars,restaurants are accessible in the aforementioned scenario?
    )Thnx much~

  2. sweetdeat

    I don't live in NYC, but I play there several times a year. How I do it is simply call the venue and email religiously. Be consistent but not overbearing...maybe a little less than a week resend your email. That's how I do it.

    Be realistic. The Iridium or Dizzy's probably isn't going to book you. So...shoot for venues you have a chance at and work up to it from there.

    Best of luck,


  3. For sure you have to aim high theoretically and play low practically.Restaurants and bars I have been told are a good place to start.I already looked into some bars and stuff.Thanks for ur response~



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