Gilad Hekselman and Mark Turner

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  1. To all interested parties: Gilad Hekselman and Mark Turner are playing right now at smalls with Joe Martin and Marcus Gilmore. Watch online here, and as always, dig it!

  2. Colonel Trane

    Watching right now

  3. 111


  4. Sandemose

    Yo, anyone knows a free chat site (IRC or whats it called?) where we could team up during live streaming gigs from Smalls? It would be fun to have a dialog, chit-chat, comment the music and what not. For me, it would even more give the feeling of listening to live music if its shared live, with others.

    Best, Sandemose

  5. Colonel Trane

    I made one don't know if it will work
    that is the link password for the room is smallsgig just enter a name and we should be able to use it


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