Gilad Hekselman video

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  1. Sandemose

  2. jazzacast55

    Where did you find this??

  3. patfarlow

    looks amazing

  4. mitch_33

    Very nice. Kurt should do something like this.

  5. bingefeller

    Wow, very cool.

  6. Can't wait for this to come out!

  7. smoke

    I have three of the Falk's videos and they are all amazing. He does a great job of putting them together and making them useful to musicians. I have no doubt this one will also be top notch.

    I don't use the phrase often, but Gilad is really a beautiful player - great tone, brilliant concept, amazing time, etc. I'll be all over this one and the Lage's when they come out. Thanks for sharing bro. More please.

  8. Sandemose

    It was posted as a reply to me (everytime they make an update for a video I write LAGE LUND, GILAD HEKSELMAN) so we who look forward to these videos can get a teaser. I think this is going to be great.


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