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  1. Sandemose

  2. jazzacast55

    Where did you find this??

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. patfarlow

    looks amazing

  4. mitch_33

    Very nice. Kurt should do something like this.

  5. bingefeller

    Wow, very cool.

  6. Can't wait for this to come out!

  7. smoke

    I have three of the Falk's videos and they are all amazing. He does a great job of putting them together and making them useful to musicians. I have no doubt this one will also be top notch.

    I don't use the phrase often, but Gilad is really a beautiful player - great tone, brilliant concept, amazing time, etc. I'll be all over this one and the Lage's when they come out. Thanks for sharing bro. More please.

  8. Sandemose

    It was posted as a reply to me (everytime they make an update for a video I write LAGE LUND, GILAD HEKSELMAN) so we who look forward to these videos can get a teaser. I think this is going to be great.

  9. Hey all,

    at long last: Gilad's JazzHeaven video "Jazz Guitar Polyphony" is LIVE...
    (So is Lage's - but you knew that already, I take it...)

    Thanks for your patience!!



  10. Love the Lage one, but the Gilad video just left me cold. Now we need to get Rosenwinkel, Kreisberg, and Moreno videos.
    That would be so cool.
    I think my big wish would be to see Frisell do a video like this, although I doubt that will ever happen.

  11. jazznan

    Would love to see a Frisell video, but he'd be like, "I don't know what I'm doing, I just....." haha! Would love to see Kurt or the others you mentioned

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  13. I have watched that video so many times it isn't funny. Although he is so introverted/shy I have picked up a lot from it. I would still like to see a newer one from him. I do agree though, he would be like... I really can't explain what I'm doing. It's all about the melody, as he picks a harmonic on the 7th fret. lol

  14. jazznan

    Yes, I totally agree and I was just kidding (a bit). I would love to see him do one on just his favourite voicings or harmonic ;)

    Just one observation about Frisell...Everyone knows he's not a monster technique guy flying up and down the fretboard, but I've never heard him flub a note. I've seen him live a bunch of times and on YouTube and man his technique is not pyrotechnique, but it's flawless in service of the music. Even his NPR Tiny Desk performance...where he's pretty much solo naked guitar...he never drops a beat or makes any flubs with really simple material that's so hard to cover up without flashy lines and playing. Some people diss him (cause they don't get what he does.)...all I say is try and play a Beatles tune or something he plays and make it that musical and interesting without any mistakes or perfectly in time or out of time perfectly

    end of rant ;)

  15. kley2004

    The Gilad video looks amazing. I actually prefer his guitar tone here over what he has going these days...

  16. Jazzman, I completely agree!!!! He always sounds musical over the most complex of tunes and unpredictable even when he is playing the simplest melody. He is a true inspiration.

    Kley2004, The Hekselman video isn't bad, but I felt the whole thing was over one concept. I would have really loved for him to go more in depth on other aspects of his playing. The Lage video on the other hand I can watch various segments over and over again.


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