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Good gigbag for an archtop?

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  1. animitta

    sorry for this post that maybe is not so concerning about music of Kurt or music in general. I just need a little help cause i really know nothing about gigbag and cause here there are so many great guitar players i think this could be the right place for some good advices.

    Recently i have discovered that i need a gigbag, i can't carry the case anymore, too heavy and not confortable to walk. I want my guitar to be really well protected and so i would like to know from all of you, which gigbag could be good for an ES-175.

    If i don't remember badly, i saw Kurt using a Levy's gigbag to carry his D'Angelico NYSS, i could be wrong. I have checked many different kind of gigbag but then some questions arised:

    1) Does a gigbag ( leather or polyester or other ) provide some rigid shell? I mean there is a shell of some kind of material to protect the instruments or it's just like a "fatty cover"? In my mind the best gigbag must be something like a case ( more more more light in weight ) with comfortable shoulder straps. Is it so?

    2) I have seen some nice gigbags on the internet and i am mainly thinking about these models:

    Reunion Blues Continental RB 254 ( Does it fit a ES-175 ?)
    Probag - hand made on demand ( it seems nice, still waiting some more informations from the producer that i have contacted by email )
    Levy's - maybe the Levy's LM20 model or maybe CM20L

    So the last questions are:
    do you have some advice about the model or the brand or other? Which one model could be protective enough, light and maybe also not costing too much?

    Me, and mainly my arms : ), we will really appreciate every kind of suggestions


    All the Best

  2. geetarted

    The best gig-bag i've found is from these guys

    I'm just not sure if they have a fit for a 175.

  3. Pascau

    I have a Reunion Blues Continental, but it is the 335 shape model. Not sure if they have a model for a 175, but definitely a fantastic case. I think its a great balance between highly protective but also practically light. And they're what you described; they have a semi-rigid shell, as opposed to being all soft.

    If I got a new guitar and needed a case/bag I'd get another.

  4. Colonel Trane

    I have the Reunion Blues one too but for 335 also. I really like it though if it is able to fit your guitar I reccomend it.

  5. monocase makes one for acoustic which should fit a 175 nicely. i use the semi hollow case for my d'angelico ny-dc and love it.

  6. sortell

    The IGIG makes great bag as well. I don't have one myself but I saw them at the NAMM show last year, and they seem really good.

    Also, if money is not an issue, you can consider Glenn Chronkhite, the original founder of Reunion Blues. ( ) He can make a custom bag for you. In my opinion they are better quality than newer Reunion Blues.

  7. balowski

    Hi everyone,

    I´ve got a Sadowsky semi-hollow. What case do you recomend for a semi?


  8. docbop

    I love gigbags for my solid-body guitars and basses, but an archtop I'm a bit leery of. I like the Reunion Blues bags have one for one of my basses, and like the leather bags for 335's but $$$. If you travel a lot look for a bag with a built-in coat hook so you can hang it in coat closet on airplanes.

    Carrying a case can get to be a hassle, I got a replacement handle for my case and it is less rigid and that helps. Also some cases or could probably have then added are rings for attaching a shoulder strap.

  9. animitta

    really thanks to everyone : )

    @geetarted and @sortell - the mono and iGiG are really nice, i suppose that one for the acoustic could fit my guitar too. I will check deeply about that.

    @docbop - i was a little skeptical about gigbag for an archtop but it seems there are some really nice and "strong build" models. I already thick padded the handle of my case and it helps a lot but to walk whit the guitar on the back and free hands seems to me something really inviting. I don't think that carry my case on the shoulder ( using a strap or similar, as you suggested ) will give me the same "freedom and lightness" of a well made gigbag. The original case is a damned heavy ( but also durable ) thing : )

    I am not in hurry so my research about the "holy grail of gigbag" is still in progress : )


    All the Best

  10. Poparad

    I have a 135 semi-hollow that I put into a Kases acoustic guitar polyfoam case/gig bag. It has a hard polyfoam shell, but is covered in fabric and has pockets and shoulder straps. It's not a 100% fit for my guitar, so I have to stuff a few small hand towels in to keep the guitar from jostling around in it, but otherwise it works great for me.

  11. JorgeRubiales

    You should try to find a carbon fiber case. There are already models for classical guitar, cellos, double basses, etc. so I think probably there will be one that fits for an archtop

  12. beilenguitars

    Mono Cases will not fit an ES-175 model or anything similar to an arched top instrument. They are the correct width at the lower and upper bouts for an ES-175 but they are not the correct length to fit the guitar body. The dimensions listed on their site for the dreadnaught only allow for a body that is 16" in length. My '86 ES-175 has a body length of about 20 3/8"

    The problem with these case companies is that they rarely list the body length dimensions. The Levy website only lists the total guitar length and the width at the lower bout - they do not even offer an upper bout option. I have heard a lot of bad reviews over the Levy LM20 - mostly concerning the zipper not allowing the case to be opened fully so the guitar must be shoved in to fit; NOT for me.

    Our problem is really the length of the body itself. Most of these cases are wide enough, deep enough, and long enough for the body and neck.

    I think the best bet is contacting Cronkhite for a real gig bag situation. However, I am considering a Keith Calton UK case by ordering directly from him (not the Canadian Brand!) He quoted me a price that was equivalent of just under $680 for a carbon fiber case that has connections for back packing abilities. Although there is a quote, it has been a strong consideration of mine since I contacted him earlier this week.

    I hope it helps.

    All the best,


  13. fakejake

    Harvest just introduced a mighty fine archtop gigbag. Pricy but super high quality!

  14. natjanoff

    I like the monocase man, email them the dimensions. I have a Dreadnaught case for my hollowbody
    Fender D' Aquisto and it fits my Takamine nylon string!!!! I have another case for my 335 and I use it


  15. JPMike

    Guys, does anyone know any e-shop in Europe that sells Mono gigibags??

  16. jorgemg1984

    Strings direct UK. You can also check Reunion Blues bags at Thomann.

  17. add4

    amazon fr or uk does.

  18. JPMike

    I found this,

    but seems too overpriced. I called a store here that used to carry them, and told me they would retail them for 160 euros. :S

    Thanks for the answers guys, I dig the mono a lot. :D Reunion blues seem amazing too. :D

    Edit: Also, the Semi Hollow Mono case, would fit an ES 175? or what about a solid body electric guitar?


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