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Got Star of Jupiter today!

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  1. lucapusch

    Hej guys!

    "Star Of Jupiter" just arrived today at my flat in Basel! I listened to it the whole day... It´s amazing.

  2. Poparad

    It's Veteran's Day here in the US, and being a Federal holiday there's no mail delivery! I will have to wait until tomorrow...

  3. madsrh

    Just put mine in the CD player :-D

    I'm not though the first song yet, but it's off to a good start - and beautiful artwork btw.


  4. Neither

    I've got it too !

    Magical rainbow ponies
  5. JPMike

    I should have preordered, it hasn't been uploaded on iTunes yet. :(

  6. wommusic
    Key Master

    The album is going to be up on iTunes US tomorrow - release date.

  7. Thiago

    Hi Anders,

    Only on Itunes US? When the album will be available on Itunes Brasil?


  8. Thiago

    Hey Anders,

    Forget about my previous question. I just bought the album on Itunes! And its not even midnight in the US already. :)

    Right now I'm gonna listen to it. It's a happy day for me :) Thanks for the wonderful music, Kurt!

    All te best!

  9. wommusic
    Key Master

    The album will go live in as a download in our shop......NOW! ;-)

    Here's where you can purchase the album either as Mp3/320kbps or Apple lossless files:

    You guys rock - thanks so much for all of your support of Kurt's music! Can't wait to hear what you think of the album!

  10. wommusic
    Key Master

    Thank U too guitarguy77 - it is fans like you that makes this so fun!

  11. KarlMarino


    I just got Star of Jupiter via download and it is amazing (I'm at Mr.Hope right now). Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of my favourite musicians.

    There's my first post!

    Keep up the great and inspiring work

  12. wommusic
    Key Master

    Hey Everybody,

    If you won't mind then please give the album a rating in iTunes when you've given it some listens...even if you didn't purchase it off iTunes. That's totally legal and cool to do that, but it will help other people discover the music!

    Thanks again to you all for your kind comments!


  13. contremisart

    God knows when my cd will arrive, we don't even have the itunes here. This is the times that I feel like I should leave the country

  14. Thiago

    Man... Best album someone could be expecting! Deep and beautiful compositions! Kurt is a genius!
    I already knew the firepower of Kurt, Aaron and Eric. But what is this Justin? The guy is a monster! He really added to the group. Also, Aaron reminds me of Keith Jarret in some moments.
    I'm really thankful for the music, Kurt and band!

    Oh, and very nice job on the artwork. I aways buy stuff on Itunes store and just a few albums come with the Digital Booklet yet. :)

    Last but not least: Anders, what about sharing some pictures of the recording sessions and maybe some videos? I'm shure all the fans would love it.

  15. monk

    just received the album

    kurt, nice!!!!

  16. deek

    I'm halfway through, beautiful album so far!

  17. arewolfe

    Waiting for the mail man right now! If it doesn't come today I'm just going to buy it on iTunes. I haven't been this excited for a record in over a decade. Kurt and Aaron Parks on the same record! Oh boy.

  18. patfarlow

    Did you guys already know Kurt has a solo on the new Donald Fagen album? Plant D'Rhonda from Sunken Condos?

  19. contremisart

    Yeah I couldn't resist and bought the digital version. This is a hell of a trip..

  20. cruxtable

    at the risk of sounding cheap, because i do own a copy of all of kurt's albums and plan on getting the physical cd for star of jupiter at some point... but is it going to be released on spotify anytime soon? i'm addicted to spotify, though now i'm wishing i had just preordered it..

  21. jorgemg1984

    Got the mp3s today. Really good so far, the steady beats remind of Heartcore Justin is decisive to this band.

    As a side note I gave up on CDs. Digital music is just SO more practical - got a CD player with usb port so I can have my stereo sound quality with digital files and a pen car radio and sold most of my cds.

  22. wommusic
    Key Master

    No Spotify in the foreseeable future for "Star of Jupiter". ;-)

  23. cruxtable

    oh well.. just downloaded a copy from itunes, looking forward to listening.

  24. senggedorje

    I got Star of Jupiter today via iTunes, and have listened to it three times now. Just astounding! It really turns my gears. Big thanks to Kurt, his band and everyone else involved in getting this work out for the rest of the world.

  25. arewolfe

    Got my copy! Thanks Anders for getting this out on time!

  26. wommusic
    Key Master

    Stephanie and Jean here @ Wommusic handles the background logistics - and do a great job of it. I'll pass your thanks off to them arewolfe, and thank U so much!

  27. what a performance by mr. aaron parks!! very well all around.

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