Got Star of Jupiter today!

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  1. animitta

    Damn! Not yet received my copy!
    Probably that's caused by the fact that i live where the postman is so lazy (Italy) :(
    I am considering to download the mp3 in the meantime.

    Heard something on iTunes, that made me so envy of everyone here......arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    All the Best

  2. Quintricacy

    Bought it yesterday. Have to say I was unsure about how I was going to feel about this album but in the opening first 30 seconds I knew this was going to be great. Killer album and Aaron's solo on Star of Jupiter is amazing!

  3. JPMike

    Album of the year!!!

  4. thedwork

    got my hard copy yesterday. great service anders! packaging is great as always. haven't had the chance to really dig in and intently listen yet. soon.

    by the way anders (and kurt): someone uploaded "kurt 1" onto youtube from this recording already. not sure if you guys want that up there. just a heads up...

  5. bingefeller

    Sorry to say but I haven't got it yet! I have to download it from iTunes and only have £10 on my account. I had to pick up some stuff today but forgot to buy another iTunes voucher!!!!!!!!!! Gonna have to go out tomorrow and buy one ASAP and get home and download this great album from Kurt.

  6. Eldriks

    Listening to it for the first time. It's a divine piece of work. If there was a Nobel price for music, Kurt would be the winner.

  7. adamv

    I'm doing my first listen through right now and it is beautiful. Thank you Kurt for the unbelievable music. Motivation through the roof man.

  8. meipole

    Haven't made the purchase yet the risk of sounding cheap, I want to see if there's any coupon in my other Wom cds so I can get a bit of discount.. oh well. By the way, can anyone tell me if Star of Jupiter was originally called Bird of Prey? Here's the link where somebody commented that it was..

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    And also, are there any Kurt's fans from Seoul? No one I know listens to Kurt, let alone Jazz. What's wrong with these people?!


  9. smoke

    This thing is staggeringly good. It kind of makes me feel completely inspired and completely deflated at the same time! I think this recording is an event, like something to be fully experienced. I always wondered what it was like when Miles and Trane released all of those great recordings in the 50's and 60's. I have to assume it was like this. People need to hear this.

  10. patfarlow

    take a deep breath you guys, lol

  11. 111

    Yep-i took a breath. Here's my take. I got see the band right after they finished in the studio for SOJ for two sets at the regattabar. Where i sat i could feel the wind from the hi hat on my face and see the wood grain in kurts guitar. I kept my eyes closed and sat awash in the very moment note after note bouncing around the room, in and thru me. What i experienced was so deeply moving, personal, and honest. I had recently lost a loved one and had been deeply hurting and lackluster about the show. What that music did for me that night was powerful and unexpected. I learned not so much how, but what music can do. Listen to the last two minutes of Star of Jupiter (the song) and imagine what kind of vehicle of emotion that construct could be if you met it halfway with your heart exposed, god knows that the band wasn't phoning it in. Each of them knew what they were working with. This record is all those things much talked about and more. Yep i fully experienced it and i took a very deep breath. Thanks kurt and the truly beautiful people that made this recording possible.

  12. arewolfe

    I was at the Regatta Bar this March for both sets the first night they were there. It was amazing. When the band dropped into the outro on Deja Vu I was in another universe. Every inch of my body was tingling with goosebumps and I felt like I was floating.

    I'm going to echo guitarguy on this one: If you can't organize your personal finances to buy this record, get a life.

    Favorites so far: Gamma Band & Heavenly Bodies.

  13. meipole

    Wow, I didn't think I needed to defend myself...but as much as I am excited about the new album, the international shipping costs more than $20, which means I have to wait anyway for the delivery, and it really isn't any of your business. Plus, I don't own a Mac or an iphone so I can't purchase the album on itunes either. So please don't be rude if you are the kind of person who appreciates good music like you say you do. You guys really hurt my feelings. I fly out to different countries only to hear Kurt play cus he never comes to where I live except for last year for a Jazz fest when he came here for the first time. You sound like you're still in high school ganging up on other people for no apparent reason. Have some respect for others.

  14. Poparad

    You can still use iTunes on a PC. I resisted it for a while since I'm not a Mac guy, but I finally caved a while ago and actually really like it for organizing my music.

  15. StefBss

    Hello Anders, I have problems with the web site:

    Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Can you help me?
    Thanks Stef

  16. wommusic
    Key Master

    Thanks for the kind words everybody!! Means a lot!

    Hey, Meipole where are you from? Like people pointed out, the album is for sale digitally here:

    All the best - Anders

  17. patfarlow

    listening again.....great album


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