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  1. hoops

    Got a sample of some gravity picks in the mail. They seem great so far, colors are sweet. Not sure how long they last, hopefully longer than v picks.. Anybody tried these???

  2. smoke

    I bought a couple locally and didn't love them due to the size. The kind I had were really thin, but still firm. I prefer v-picks for that type of pick, but I don't use those any longer either.

    Those types of picks definitely have a sound to them. To my ears it almost sounds like you always have a touch of overdrive. I used them to track an acoustic solo for a friend of mine and the v-pick did sound great. I just prefer the old jazz iii and can't seem to break away.

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. Bluewaterpig

    I'm always, always, always looking for new picks to play. What's so special about these?

    Also is it common knowledge which brand Kurt uses?

  4. jorgemg1984

    Nowadays Fender XH I think.

  5. smoke

    The v-pick and gravity picks are made from some kind of acrylic/plexi-glass. If I recall, it is the same type of stuff that is used in fish tanks. I believe that the guys that started Gravity picks used to work for the V-pick company but I could be wrong.

    They have a different sound than normal picks - kind of a sharper attack. They claim to not slip from your fingers but I have never had that issue so it isn't a selling point to me.

    As to whether they are special, it is worth it to try. They are definitely different which may be good or bad.

  6. hoops

    Yeah gravity picks definitely have their own vibe. they yield a very positive attack. Seems they last longer than v picks. I had a ruby medium round that I destroyed in like 3 hrs, pretty disappointing. All in all fancy picks are cool to collect, but if someone pays $5 for a single pick, it should last as long as a whole bag being it costs as much.
    I told Chris, (the owner) that I was using dunlop 207's and he sent me some picks that were similar in shape and gauge. He's a cool guy and they're worth checking out at least once. Here's his email, [email protected]

  7. After reading this, I realized that I've been just playing with my fingers a lot . When I go to local shops I end up getting jazz III ( the lack and the red ones ) and the thick Dunlop 208's . They always seem to be out or never order the 205's ( those ones that are thick like 208's and still have the pointy tip yet are about the size of the jazz III's ).
    I just went ahead and ordered 3 dozen of them and will probably not buy picks again for a while. These are a great size and that thickness and material undeniably yields a boomier note - more note than pick sound. I bought a bone pick once but then I felt crazy and gave to a friend ( I'm left handed and the thing had a groove for you right handed player's pointer finger). There was a jazz III that some guitar center salesman gave me that had a grippy ( skateboard grip tape like texture ) which in theory seemed good but it infallibly resulted in this weird sudden death thing where the angle's fate was sealed by the way I took it off the table... I would literally have to hold it in my other hand and approach grabbing it with my picking hand and however I did it, that was it and it wouldn't budge - seemed too ridiculous. So I'm glad I got this perfect and cheap pick that is just so right for me.
    I also bought a neoprene levy's strap which I'm excited to receive. I feel very stoked with gear and now it's just about practicing things that i find or have been told are important or particularly a challenge / a necessary area to address , in ways that are effective. Soon I will be taking a couple of lessons too from a couple people too. I'm experiencing a lot of pleasure in listening and feeling the optimism of the ability to improve technique and vocabulary with the resources I have ( books/lessons / peers ) and the urge to write and chase a feeling ( like when you hear music in another room as you are falling asleep and you hallucinate all these very amazing things the music might actually be or end up projecting these things onto the perceived vagueness of it all... This thing is a dangling carrot . And that doesn't feel bad right now).
    After my tax return I'm buying this:

    A modest and cool looking little guy to a finally put bass sound on my stuff - aside from the midi fake bass which can be cool ... maybe even see if any one will let me play bass for them¿!?

    Also intimidated but ready for the long haul slow process of learning clarinet . It's a fucking horn! One note! Making it sound full and nice , sneaking in and out with the force of air!
    Making simple melodies I can play and my own little etudes ( and yes," cooler "more elaborate shit on guitar to support it).

    Really there is nowhere for me to hide. There is no choice but music. I have a ton of cool books and everything I need (... I've just purchased 36 of what I consider the most ideal pick for me : I'm clearly desperately hiding from the work at hand !hahahaha).

  8. hoops

    I have trouble finding the right pick. I have yet to find one that feels great to point I forget its there. I think a great pick should become an extension of your fingers when your playing. To the point where it can be ignored. Same thing with a guitar, I love getting in that realm with an instrument when you're just making notes happen and there's a special connection going on. It's like a meditative state where the music uses you as a medium.


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