Great Article! by Wayne Krantz

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  1. jazznan

  2. aramaya

    indeed, a great article. How many people actually trust their ear enough to play completely from it! especially after you have been "trained" to think, think, and think some more about the ever important scale/parent scale that is going to make you the hippest motherfucker on the planet!! and then you start playing interesting melodies by ear and that little nasty voice comes in and asks "are you playing enough notes?" and "is this fast enough?". as if to assume the ear can't do that for you too, and not considering that maybe that is what is available in the moment. what a mind fuck this whole jazz thing can be...

  3. jazzacast55

    Great article! but yeah I agree with Aramaya "what a mind fuck this whole jazz thing can be..." that about sums it up.

  4. themawt71

    i try to approach all of the super thinky stuff like - i'm going to think a lot about this stuff now so i don't have to think about it in the future. all theory should ultimately be ear training. if it's not then you are not going far enough with it.

    it's kind of like in the beginning stages of playing the guitar you have to use a lot of force to make up for lack of muscle etc.. so that in the future you play relaxed w/o using much force.

    both of these things are very hard to do - making that transition.....damn....

  5. smoke

    Wayne nails it. That dude is full of hard fought wisdom.


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