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  1. Pitchblack

    Hi there. Great to see the old forum back on track! Have you guys heard about this guy: ? Apparently he's up and coming around the Netherlands and is making steps internationally. Sounds awesome. He's got a new record coming out this fall. Me like!!! Check out these videos:

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  2. Sandemose

    Pitchblack: I know him from before, I think he was a forum member once..? Perhaps on the PlayJazzGuitarForum...? Either way, he sounds great and Im really glad its working for him. He seem to be a really nice guy as well, I remember some mail correspondence we had a while back. If you meet him, tell him hi from Sandemose :)

    Best, Sandemose

  3. Pitchblack

    Cool. I have been listening to his stuff more and more recently. Really, really nice! Great to hear he's a nice guy as well.

  4. Marzio

    Hey guys. Someone mentioned that there was something posted about me on here. I'm really flattered, thanks. And now we're here, I'd like to tell you that my new album is out! It's called World Of Thought and it features some kick ass players. You can download it via iTunes or Amazon (

    Hope you guys enjoy it! And keep spreading the word. Thanks.

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  5. Poparad

    Nice stuff!

  6. silverwater

    Yeah great sound and great tunes! Are you going to play in New York any time soon?

  7. Marzio

    Thanks guys. Won't be playing in New York any time soon unfortunately...

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  8. Jazzzz

    There's a great review of his latest on All About Jazz right now - - plus you can download a free mp3. Awesome stuff! Hope to hear from you more Marzio.

  9. Marzio

    Since this thread is up here anyway, let me take the opportunity to say that I've released a FREE download/stream of a live track (previously unreleased) recorded during our release tour in November. Sound quality is good enough for a nice listen! ;-)

    Enjoy! Happy Holidays!



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