Gretsch Guitars?

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  1. jazznan

    Sorry for all the gear posts and questions, but I'm looking for a guitar and I came across a few good deals on Gretsch guitars. Anyone have any opinions or info on them? thanks

  2. docbop

    Jazz can be played on anything Jazz is about the music not the gear, so if you like the guitar it's a good guitar to build a relationship with. Gretsch are good guitars and have a sound of there own different from Gibson and others. Being so many associate the Gibson sound with Jazz so not too many use Gretsch guitars for Jazz. I'm trying to remember the one Jazz guitarist I used to listen to a lot in the past that played a Gretsch Country Gentleman.

    Find I guitar you like to play first and foremost because if you dig playing it that will come thru in the music you play and the voice you create.

  3. aramaya

    I think Gretsch guitars are great! they are well made and sound great. I would suggest trying to find one with the TV jones pickups that come stock in some of them. Also, if you don't like a bigsby, they make some without them. I saw Brad Shepik playing one a couple years back. Perhaps you can find a clip on youtube and hear it.

  4. Basile865

    I had a Gretsch DC5122 for a while. Korean made - they sell for roughly 750-800 new. I really liked the guitar but the biggest draw back for me was being that it was fully hollow I couldn't control the feedback enough and I also couldn't get used to the lack of sustain.

    I think they have great fit and finish, and have great fretwork from the factory, good pots and pickups in my opinion - so don't let the made in Korea part scare you. I would argue they build a better guitar for the money in comparison to epiphone but thats just my opinion.

    I tend to go for a more legato style playing so ultimately the full hollow construction (and a hurting wallet) caused me to part ways with it.

    The bigsby was a little noisy from time to time as well. If you're going for a Kurt-like sound Id suggest getting something semi-hollow or even solid body - with humbuckers.

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    I think this is a Gretsch though it is hard to tell. Maybe it is Shepik's?

  6. jazznan

    Thanks all. I know jazz isn't about the gear, but it's like a piano player picking a particular piano for brightness, or darkness etc...

    I'm going to find what plays well and sounds good, just trying to get feedback from people on gear I've tried and liked to see if there are any drawbacks or positives that I haven't thought of or experienced-anyway thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

  7. InWalked

    George Van Eps

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