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  1. jazznan

  2. cruxtable

    i know a few of them... the tc electronics nova reverb, eventide timefactor delay, rat distortion, he uses some lehle signal routers and dloops, that petersen strobostomp, what looks like a boss octave pedal, the hog, that orange one is for tremolo, i think.. what i'm wondering if he is really using all of these pedals on this album, it doesn't seem like you'd be hearing anything on a standards album aside from maybe a little reverb and delay...have to wait and see.

  3. denjz

  4. michaeld

    If anyone is interested, I am selling a T.C. Electronic Nova Reverb. It's in mint condition and at a great price.

  5. Whats the effect on the album Everything will be alright where the guitar signal distorts like when you have a loose lead or something? I like that.

  6. Benny

    I think that may be Kurt clipping the input of a Lexicon LXP-1. That sound gets a mention here:

  7. Good stuff, thanks Benny! Don't think I can find one though...


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