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  1. Does anyone know what kind of guitar pick Kurt is using these days? And also,what is the amp in those photos besides the twin- it looks like a head of some sort? Any ideas? I'm super excited for the new album.

  2. Dont know what he is using, but D'andrea "Pro Plec" picks are amazing

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. animitta

    I am totally agree, D'Andrea Pro Plec are great : ).

  4. Neither

    He played Jazztone 207 (I saw it on the old forum) but no idea if he still uses it...

  5. andyjazz

    Fender Extra Heavy

  6. hitdoggie

    The 207's are great for jazz, but they don't work out well when I am teaching other genres. It's pretty much like playing guitar with a brick!

  7. Sandemose

    Dunlop 2mm (the black ones) with the round side (not with the "point" (?) like Pat or Robben Ford among others.

  8. ^^^ these picks are made of Win

  9. denjz

    Hitdoggie,since you first mentioned playing guitar with a brick...I think stonepicks are really great! I recently got a couple as a present and found that they sound better compared to the plastic ones.

  10. Basile865

    This is a really old topic I'm retouching on, but a buddy recently was suggesting the stone picks to me. They're not cheap (about $22.00 per pick depending on which you get). I'm nervous to spend money like that on a pick....I currently find the dunlop 2 mm gator grip (the black ones) to be the darkest sounding pick I've tried so far. Even slightly darker then their jazztone 207's. Anybody ever compare those 2mm gater grip to stone picks?

  11. Poparad

    I've been using the 2mm Dunlop gator picks for years. I went back and forth between them and others, and I always kept coming back to them. A beautiful, warm tone, but you don't lose any crispness in articulation.

  12. i'm sure they're great, i've never tried them... sort of like really expensive sunglasses.

  13. jbroad

    red bear picks. not cheap but they're great. check out the no. 9 extra heavy

  14. Basile865

    floatingbridge I agree...

    another thing that really makes a difference is how you hold it. Its hard to explain on the internet but picture a pick laying on a table with the pointed side facing you. Some of us hold it so that the left edge makes the first contact with the strings, and some hold it so the right edge of that point is the first to make contact with the strings. It varies the tone quite a bit by how much angle - a buddy of mine who was getting a nice dark fatter tone using my same pick holds it so the right edge hits first. I've been experimenting with that today and its really quite interesting how different you can make some picks sound then you're used to them sounding just by that angle. Maybe obvious to some people but I hadn't experimented with that enough. It helps darken it up if thats what you're trying to do.

  15. Matt

    jazz iii's anyone?

  16. Matt

    jazz iii's anyone?

  17. Kapteinar

    I use Jazz IIIs for anything but jazz. For jazz I use the Jazztone 207.
    Cheapest way of improving your tone ever!

  18. denjz

    I use jazz III shaped stone picks and really like them.They always have perfectly smooth edges and the tone they produce is more bell-like compared to the plastic ones...The difference is very subtle though and has to do more with the feel than the actual tone.

  19. Basile865

    I bought a v-pick for about 5 bucks recently - its around 3 mm thick I believe - its def. thicker than my 2 mm gator grips and 207 jazztones. I think its a great pick. Its actually the same shape as dunlops 207 jazztone, just thicker. Sorta has a perloid white color. It can sound dark and fat although I find the gator grip standard fender shape much more nimble. Everyone raves about the jazz III's but I just cant get comfortable with them. Oh well to each his own I guess.

    Kapteinar - "cheapest way of improving your tone ever" I couldn't agree more man. A friend of mine carries all sorts of picks and just uses different ones for various applications - I think its a good way to be. Its just like having different distortion/overdrive pedals - picks make the difference!


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