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  1. I wasn't sure how to describe this but while putzing about with the guitar I tried hammering into a note but picking it also. I was sure someone has done this before---it seems like Kurt does this quite often. Also---I seem to remember reading a book by Pablo Casals and him saying that he did this while bowing to give a rhythmic feel to the notes. Anybody out there with experience doing this? I definitely noticed a difference in the sound---more like a weighted touch on the piano.

  2. patfarlow

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    As far as legato goes, Tom qualyle has an awesome 2 parts series on it that helped me tremendously.
    I feel like i understand the playing of kurt and lenny breu better now because they both use it so well.

  3. I don't think what Lauren is talking about is a legato technique ( although those Quayle vids are well done ).
    I'm not sure I've ever consciously done it but it seems like it would really attenuate a focus on right and left hand and give a sense of conviction to what one were doing.

  4. Yes ---not really about legato playing. Conviction is a good word to describe the feeling.

    And don't call me Lauren--- or Surely for that matter! : ) (it's just LaRue---still usually a girls name---but man would I make an ugly girl! Bald and with a goatee ---nice legs though!)

  5. Sorry Larue. My brain probably just inadvertently made the liaison ...
    Shirley, you understand.

  6. Wishful thinking---you were hoping for a hot girl who also plays guitar! I have had that dream before


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