Handling player errors in transcribing

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  1. surfinboy

    Obviously a ton of solos have mistakes, and I'm running into a couple piano solos where it's pretty clear what the guy is meaning to play, but he accidentally hits a key next to it, hits 2 keys simultaneously, etc. I suppose the purist would leave it in, which I'm tempted to do, but do you insert some kind of note like the "sic" comment in writing? or put the note in perentheses? I do all my transcribing in Finale.

  2. I think you should write what the player intended, as, after all, it's the ideas that count.
    I would also suggest that excessively pedantic transcriptions can be a little unwieldy.

  3. JFB

    There are no mistakes.

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  4. Think about the function of your transcription. If it is to improve your skills for notation then go far. There are limitations in notating things accurately any ways. If its not to communicate it to others and it's to get the ideas nder your fingers ( and the notes are correct ) maybe you have it down enough.

  5. mattymel

    i always write down what they actually played but take a mental note that (for me) it would have been cooler if they did "this". though i also get the impression that the "mistakes" are often the parts that made me want to transcribe them in the first place.

  6. silverwater

    I also make changes when transcribing, and not always because I felt the player intended to play something differently. Sometimes I just think it could have been better, to my taste, if it had been played a different way.

    If the reason for transcribing is to improve your playing by getting some fresh ideas in your ears and under your fingers, then just do whatever you think will further that goal.


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