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  1. Matt

    I am getting into having the harmonic modes down technically and i am curious what uses they have or what uses you guys have dug. i know the melodic minor modes are generally used more but i love that min3 between the b6 and natural 7 in the harmonic minor.
    besides their obvious/7th chord functions, what have you guys found?

  2. arewolfe

    As a scale, I realized just a few weeks ago that the sixth mode of harmonic minor (Lydian #9) can work over Diminished major7 chords. For example, on a B/C chord, you can play C Lydian #9.

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  3. gleepglop

    The 7th mode also is an interesting variation over 7#9b9 chords. It has the 13th and #5, but no 7. Also obviously works over ยบ7 chords.
    Arewolfe's 6th mode for dim(maj7) is a great one, and obviously over maj7(#11) as well. It can also work as more of a substitute harmony over 13(#9).
    The usual 5th mode is also usable over V7b9sus4 chords, rather than straight phrygian.
    4th mode can be used over min6 or min(maj7) chords
    3rd mode for Maj7#5 (or to imply that sound over a regular maj7 or 7#5)

    Also, you can use it over 13 chords down a whole step; e.g., C harm. minor over Bb13. It has b9 and nat. 9, no root.


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