Has No One Been To Any Of The Shows??

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  1. goshawk

  2. egav

    I went to both sets of the Bernstein night. Was really great, the two guys matched up to each other really well. They played a bunch of tunes I didn't know on the first set, then on the second set they played stuff like Pannonica, Nica's Dream, Simone, and other things I can't remember. They both played wonderfully. Justin Faulkner was a huge high point as well, guy plays like he's been playing for decades.

  3. Chris

    I went to one set each of the first four days, and let me tell you.. Justin Faulkner is a machine. He has such great tradition yet his ideas are so fresh and new. When they were trading 4s and what not, he was busting all these "Philly Joe" type tricks but with a language all his own. Very old school, but with a touch of hip-hop. The control of his right foot is outstanding, and his overall musicianship and comping was incredible.

    Arron Burnett, wow. Just wow.

    The night with Mr. Bernstein was definitely my favorite. I went to the second set and the way both guitarists could play such long, flowing lines without stepping on any toes was unbelievable. Such a high caliber of listening and reacting going on. It was definitely a historic evening.

    The last night I went to the 11:30 Friday set feat. Greg Osby, and I have to say it was a bad way to end an absolutely amazing few days. The room was dead and I felt like the energy on stage was a reflection of that. Kurt played some amazing ballads which were definitely worth there weight in gold, but I felt like Osby never showed up that set..

    Thanks to all the musicians for a great great week, I never got the chance to reach out and tell y'all in person..


  4. egav

    You really felt that way about the Bernstein night? I kind of feel the other way around, I caught some moments where it almost sounded like Kurt cut Pete off on two or three of his solos. I don't know if they talked it out beforehand, but knowing Pete I don't think they did. I don't feel like they outplayed each other, but I kind of think Kurt was like "Ok that's enough" at some points. He also gave Pete some good moments as well though. Pannonica was great and Pete's intro really came through.

    What do you mean that you felt like Osby never showed up? His playing wasn't really present?

  5. Chris

    Exactly.. I felt like Kurt was still very in the moment though, and his ballads that night were just unforgettable. I think after seeing Bernstein, and then Burnett, it was hard to top that Friday, late night. Bernstein, and Burnett both played there asses off, Burnett really shocked me, he sounds great. Very original in this modern era of crap.

    Ps - why can't Scofield's Hollowbody band play a NYC gig, or like a date in the US at least? Europeans get to have all the fun.

  6. egav

    Wish I could of seen that.

    Speaking of, you know Pete dropped the hollowbody band right?

  7. Chris

    Yeah I saw his name was no longer on the bill, do you know what happened?


  8. Benny


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