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  1. LeonardoB

    I recently purchased an 1981 Ibanez AS50, I am fully satisfied but I feel like changing the stock pickups since they're Ibanez V1 and V2 pickups: high-output, rock-metal oriented.

    I think I would be fine just buying a neck (which I almost always use) Seymour Duncan 59 model, but I discovered this German manufacturer who seems to sell top-notch pickups; they're not very well known around, but the few reviews and opinions I found on the web happen to praise them for their creamy contribute to the guitar tone and overall high quality.


    Anyone has some opinion/experience about and is willing to share it?
    PS General advice on neck pickup purchase is welcome, as well.. I'm not such a pickup geek as I wish I were.


  2. Joxo


    I use a Hausell VIN N A2 in the neck position on my semi. I also have a Seymour Duncan 59 that i started out using first.

    The are somewhat simular but the Hausell is maybe a bit less willing to distort early and lets you get more mids in to the sound without going inte overdrive.

    I think the 2 are amazing pickups and i have trouble picking one.

    From what i remember the Ibanez sometimes is a bit brighter sounding than say a 335. I think the Hausell could work very nice.

    If u leave your email i could sent you some sound clips of it.


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  3. jorgemg1984

    If you're in Europe check Bare Kuckles - I love the Stormy Monday!

  4. LeonardoB

  5. fakejake

    In a 335 that I once had, I exchanged the 57 Classics with Amber 59 Classics. Amber is a small German pickup manufacturer, very well known in the die-hard Les Paul 'burst' circles. A set of his PU's is around 400 euros....
    I can say that I noticed a difference, but is was really small. From my experience, 90 - 95% of what these super expensive, high-end boutique pickups can do, a stock 57 Classic can do as well. If you play a 4000.- reissue Les Paul through a 2000.- vintage amp, those extra 5-10% might be worth the money, but otherwise i'd go for 57 Classics. With the money left, consider getting high quality pots and capacitors, imo that always pays off (http://www.crazyparts.de/00000099561085602/0000009b9311a1b02/index.php. The best pickups won't help if your electric is bad.

  6. JorgeRubiales

    I would go for a dimarzio paf 25 anniversary. They've got some great reviews.


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