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Magical rainbow ponies

Have ya'll read this?

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  1. kurtisrosenwinkel

    hahaha man thats funny, i hope youre not serious. everyones treating jazz like a whore?, lol. whos treating jazz like a whore? hahaha jeezus.

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  2. jazznan

    Hahaha, I'm glad you laughed, I was trying to be funny-forgive my droll sense of humor. Got love this bizarre conversation...I wish I could sit down with all you guys and shoot the breeze, I think it would be fun...I was just pissing myself laughing at the Monica thing, so I couldn't resist ;)

  3. mrzzajjazz

    Let me get this straight, so Monica is jazz, Kurt is Bill, but who or what is the cigar? Kenny G?

    Magical rainbow ponies
  4. JorgeRubiales


  5. monk

    kurt rocks cus he's got balls to speak about how/what he feels - that's honest jazz

    stay cool as you are mate

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  6. Sandemose

    jazznan and Kurt: I thought you guys were talking about Monica Zetterlund and Bill Evans. Man, this is getting out of hand.

    This is my idea of jazz

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  7. wilmore

    Sandemose, that shit is hilarious! Dude looks like nigel tufnel from spinal tap.

  8. patfarlow

    I transcribed the solo from "view from moscow" on "the remedy", sick solo and my favorite KR album so far.IMO

  9. riverstooge

    Just sayin'; WASTED TWO PAGES of a forum (that KR actually responded in) talking shit about absolutely nothing when we could've maybe learned something from Kurt about harmony or the like. At least nobody started another thread recently about challenging people to play as fast and as clean as someone on youtube...then we'd really be getting out of hand. :/

    On the positive....I found some cool stuff on youtube searching Hal Galper Masterclass, if no one's mentioned it or seen it, check it out.

  10. jorgemg1984

    Even better - check his book "Forward Motion"

  11. patfarlow

    You cant get a jewel without the friction. why dont you just ask kurt your question about "harmony or the like"
    and see if he answers?

  12. riverstooge

    I'm always curious to hear any updates on KR method book personally. I think that would answer questions that I wouldn't even think to ask.

  13. mattymel

    Anybody criticizing Kurt for speaking his mind is part of the problem he is speaking to. The whole point is he said something he was feeling AT THE MOMENT. The whole issue he is addressing is the COMPLETE LACK of spontaneity most current jazz has. Guys spend years learning every note he plays dissecting harmonies, playing with the same guitar effects, and no time playing with a group they put together trying to make something thats theirs. Sadly, this seems to go WAY beyond guitarists too. People need to start playing what they hear and not what they think is harmonically "hip" enough for public display.

    Personally I cant stand it when I hear every single young dude I go see biting from the same well.

    Hilarious how someone saying something everyone knows is true gets blown up and exaggerated so fast. If anyone has the balls to say something people may not be ready to hear, it should be him. I agree with all of it.

  14. patfarlow

    I shouldn't have said " I think the OJM record sucks" that was was poorly articulated. I would like to say I am thankful Kurt did something so adventurous and complex like a big bad record. That being said, I still reserve the right to my opinion, just more empathetic and helpful in delivery. I'm still an avid listener of Kurt's accomplishments.

  15. I'd like to suggest comparing produced vs. Live ( or representations thereof ). I found myself replaying that awful sound quality and sideways YouTube clip of kr and ojm at iridium or somewhere NYC of ' turns' the energy and quality of playing is high. Bigband can get corny 70's and it's not.

  16. jshore

    First time visiting this forum, but I'm pretty shocked to see the reaction to that post!

    I was thrilled to "hear" Kurt say that shit— it's very, very true. Takes balls to call people out too, but there's a lot of gutless music being made in NYC right now under the "jazz" umbrella. Kurt's absolutely right, people need to CARE about their music, like they care about something essential in their life. Not play music because "it's what they do" but to critically look at their work, revise and painfully limit their output to music they LOVE. And to respect whenever you fail to do that. The audience can feel that connection immediately, and I think that's a large part of what makes Kurt such a beautiful musician and improviser. From the first note you can really feel the love he has for not only his music, but in the act of creation in itself. That spark is much too rare, and can be found in every great artist.

    Wayne Shorter once told me that the way he tried to stay original was to "play his life and his self." It's a simple idea, but often overlooked. I rarely hear ANYONE's life or soul/self in their music, especially compositions these days, but rather an attempt to "be fresh" by exploring an unusual polyrhythm, or progression/substitution or something as the focal point. And beyond that, the lack of preparation and vision required to execute those ideas properly. Wayne basically said the only way too be truly fresh is to play yourself, because nobody's been you before, and I think that's a great thought (and one that takes a TON OF WORK to be able to do...)

    And y'all are crazy, K's solo on the title track of OSW is one of the baddest in a long career of bad solos. Super lyrical, inventive, risky and beautiful. That's what it's about!

    ps. sorry about the rant, but there was some uncalled for, offensive BS thrown about in here, and I don't get the chance to hop on the soapbox very often... guess i'm pretty late to the party though

    also i love how the tags in the corner are "big band, jazz, kurt, and sucks" hahaha

  17. jezeline

    @jshore: thanks for your words, I love the wayne shorter story, sooo true!

  18. jeromesteele

    Mark Turner hasn't released a record under his own name since "Dharma Days." He is an extreme example of not releasing superfluous drivel that happens to be recorded. I just wish he was a bit more liberal with his output, he's hardly in danger of flooding the market.

  19. ronensha28

    haha i love how u get from one subject so far to the other side. and because of that here some jazz from the other side of the world. hope u'll like it, its a band called "Third World Love" u should check them up....

    "i never play what u'll want me to play"

  20. jorgemg1984

    Yeah I think about Mark Turner a lot, where is this man?! He doesn't even has a website. "Dharma Days" is brilliant and its what, ten years old? (although he has released two Fly records... the first one is phenomenal!)


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