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Help on which EASTMAN to buy, same price, El rey1 or ar805ce?

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  1. tyleresco

  2. washabaugh

    I never got my hands on the 805 but did have a chance to play an El Rey for an afternoon a few years ago. Overall, I thought it was nice. I was able to get a warm sound from the guitar and it felt comfortable. I didn't buy it because for me...there just wasn't a strong connection with the instrument. I've been able to play a few Eastman guitars and I'd suggest that you put your hands on both instruments before proceeding. The quality on the Eastmans I've played have varied. If that isn't possible, then I (just my opinion) would wait until you can....guitars are too individualistic to buy unseen (unless money is not a factor)....

    An honest question...why are you so sold on these two instruments?

    Good luck,

  3. webstik

    I have eastman oval hall archop it may be 600 series. That is really great guitar! amazing big sound!. i usually use that on bronze stings.

  4. They seem to be vastly different from eachother... Perhaps isolating bottom lines or even vague notions of what you are looking for from a new instrument -as a place to start. Consider washabaugh's comments and question aswell.


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