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HELP - 'The music of Kurt Rosenwinkel' website

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  1. madsrh


    I've been running the site for a while now. This last month the site has been down because of malware infection. The site contains a shitload of transcriptions, minor articles and a gear page.

    I'm seeing this down time as an opportunity to completely rewrite the site and host it myself. This will take some time, although I've already got a test site running.

    I really need you guys to let me know if you have any content, feature or layout request. What would YOU like to see on the site? What annoys you on other similar sites?

    I'm also looking for co- / guest-writers to post articles, analyzes, lessons, videos or whatever you can contribute with.

    Please leave you feedback!!!

    Best regards

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  2. fakejake

    Hey Mads,
    I very much enjoyed your site all the time it was up+running, and I learned a lot from the stuff you posted there.
    That being said, I would love if you would continue the way you did and keep posting interesting lines, concepts and transcriptions, ideally even more often than you did in the past. I know it takes a lot of time and effort, but I am certain people appreciate your work. Not that it matters in this regard, but I made a minor donation at some point and am certainly willing to do so in the future.
    With the popularity of the site, the ammount of information on there and the fact that it is solely centered on Kurt, I could imagine that he might be willing to do an interview or QnA with you that you could then post.
    Also, I could imagine a poll on transcriptions people would like to see, or maybe even a crowdfunding for somebody to do a certain transcription or lesson. If everybody interested in a transcription of xyz would donate a few bucks, maybe someone would be more willing to do the work.

  3. jseaberry

    I also love the site the way you had it organized, and I don't have any suggested changes. I think Jake's ideas are great.

  4. madsrh

    fakejake -> Your donation (among a few others) is what is paying for the web hosting :D You've got some really nice ideas! I would love to post new stuff more frequent, but as you said it takes time.

    Among the requests I've also been asked to post videos on the new site, but I really don't think I'm the right person for the job.

    jseaberry -> Thanks! My hope is that everything will be even more organized on the new site.

  5. I just wanted to chime in MadsRH, and say how much I enjoyed the site. Since it is down right now, I can't quite remember how it was structured/layout.

    If you do redesign the entire thing, I strongly recommend doing so under a Wordpress engine/template. There are a lot beautiful templates (there's also a lot of bad ones) that allow you to not have to think about the design and coding angles of website design/maintenance. It might save you lots of time. I'd be happy to share my favorite free templates with you, I've got a whole list from past research.

    Also, as a side note, I maintain a website for a friend's company. That site was flagged similar to yours. I think the issue was resolved by uploading a file that Google provides, onto your server to prove that you're an admin. It was pretty easy. But if you're hosting it via Blogspot, it might be more challenging. Let me know if you want me to research further. Best, Jared

  6. jseaberry

    Guys like Mads and Jared are what make the world a wonderful place.......OK, supermodels help too.

  7. madsrh

    jarediledundee -> Please do share youre favorite WP theme, because using WP. At the moment I plan on using the default Twenty Fourteen or twenty twelve theme.

    Regarding the old site, I can't get access to the files because, as you point out, it's hosted via blogspot :(

  8. Secret
  9. jseaberry

    Squarespace is cool too; my son is setting up a site for me on it so people can hear me put all the notes where they should not be. I don't know how it works, but it seems easily manageable.

  10. Poparad

    I don't recall if you had my transcriptions on there or not, but you're welcome to use them if you hadn't already:

  11. jseaberry

    Yes, he did, Jeremey; I linked him to yours if I remember correctly.

  12. Bluewaterpig

    Great idea.

    Personally, I'd like to see as much gear info as possible.

  13. jseaberry

    To my inadequate mind, gear is not so important, as I can never afford to use what Kurt uses, or to experiment with as many guitars as he does, but I can surely make use of his musical ideas regardless of what he plays them on.

  14. kurtisrosenwinkel

    I would gladly do an interview for the site if you want...

  15. jazznan

    Nice Kurt! Why don't we suggest some questions and madsrh can narrow them down, yes? (would that be helpful?)

  16. madsrh

    jarediledundee -> Thanks, I'll take a look at them.

    kurtisrosenwinkel -> That would be alsolutely outstanding!

    jazznan -> Yes, we would need to create a long list of our burning questions :D Not sure if I'm the right guy to do an interview though

  17. aramaya

    Kurt, would you consider letting me do the interview? I will compile the questions from here, or
    perhaps you could devise a series of questions to direct the nature of the interview. I could
    do it in person with you in chicago next month, transcribe it, and then have you or Anders
    proofread it. I am suggesting this because I have a tendency to get annoyed with written
    interviews where people write the spoken word verbatim. Conversational speech is different
    than written communication, and I see nothing wrong with editing and clarifying points.

    If this would interest you, let me know, I am just putting the offer out, as it is something I have
    been wanting to do for several years (interview various musicians).

  18. patfarlow

    how about a google hangout instead? like this one with john mayer?

    [+] Embed the video | Video DownloadGet the Flash Videos

    then we can all just ask questions and make it more special then a plain old interview.

  19. This is getting exciting!!

  20. kurtisrosenwinkel

    Hi aramaya,

    if you want to make the questions we can do an email back and forth or an iMessage chat for the interview for the site.

    if you post your email address i will get in contact.


  21. aramaya

  22. fakejake

    Thats awesome!
    Phil, are you cool with us sending you some suggestions for questions?

  23. aramaya


    I developed a large portion of the interview last night, going off the idea
    of "the Music of Kurt Rosenwinkel".

    Send me your questions and I will see how I can integrate them.

    A lot of the questions are focused on development of a personal style
    over the course of a lifetime, hence, the development of "the music of kurt rosenwinkel."


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