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  1. balowski


    Recently I have play with a RAT pedal distorsion. I want to buy one, because I am searching for a new sound. I found it to hard. Any advice with the RAT EQ??

    And does somebody Know the distorsion pedal that Kurt used in Brooklyn Sometimes???


  2. add4

    I myself found that the rat saturates too much too. To change that, there is a simple mod your can do to your pedal, and it sounds much better . It's called the ruetz mod. You only have to cut one resistor in the effect and it sounds much more like an overdrive. With the mod, the color that the rat gives is really nice and it can be used as a booster to saturate your amp. To me, the sound is then much closer to the sound that kurt have.
    More information there
    you could also find some soundclips of the mod on youtube i guess.
    good luck in finding a sound you like

  3. denjz

    I ,too, tried everything to make my RAT sound good: first the ruetz mod,then Vodka mod (really serious one that involves replacing the chip and some caps).After all that I was still dissatisfied with the sound I was getting with it - it was harsh even at the low settings.Plus it cuts a great deal of bass frequencies.I spend hours tweaking it and still couldn't make it sound good.So I just put it aside and bought Xotic bb-preamp instead. Now I'm much happier with my tone.
    I think it is the RAT Kurt uses in Brooklyn Sometimes.He sets it very low sort of like a booster more than distirtion.
    I know Kurt using used Xotic AC-booster for a while but then came back to RAT again.I assume though that he uses it with X-blender which allows the natural sound of the guitar to come through (RAT is not true bypass). Maybe that's is the secret...

  4. add4

    that's how i use the rat in fact: i set the drive really low , like 8 or 9 , and set level high enough to drive the input of my amp a bit. tone depends of my mood. the rat gets a bit more agressive when there are more highs. When used like that the sound is really nice to my ears..

  5. balowski

    Thank guys...but I´m not very good with electronic stuff.

    If anyone know good pedals with different sound let me know please.


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