Hey, anybody that could explain what those chords 1:54 - 2:00 are ?

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  1. Joxo

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    Hey, anybody that could explain what those chords 1:54 - 2:00 are ?

    Best /J

  2. I'm at dork and hearing it through my phone which is distorting a bit at this volume; I'll check later.
    There are a couple chordal passages: the second one may happen a little outside of your time markers ( they sound like they have 10ths or perhaps are open position maj triads ).
    The one I think you are talking about after the single note lines during what wiuld be D7 Db7 ( unless in Eb: then F7 Fb7{..yup, I said it}) from what I saw/heard was what looked like a sus chord and a bass note : e.g. The sus on the B,G,D strings ( say, the notes D,C,G respectively ) and then adding Bb( or even B) on the low E is what it looked like.
    Obviously, it was higher and I didn't even bother to think about it as a sub for something

  3. jazznan

    First chord sounded like Em with D in bass?

  4. denjz

    It's a II-V-I in Eb major voiced like this:

    Fm9 / Bb13b9#11 / Ebmaj9 / Eb6

  5. jazznan

    Nice one denjz!

  6. Sandemose

    That Bb13b9#11 voicing was new to me I guess. Thanks denjz!! Awesome move here.

    Best, Sandemose

  7. jazznan

    Sandemose, you might recognize it, if you put it up on the higher string set, it's a diminished or variation on a major 7 b5 voicing, but I'd never played it on that string set before, really dig the sound of it there

  8. jseaberry

    These are the kind of chords that Peter Mazza has been showing me in my Skype lessons!!!! i wonder if these guys take notes from each other???? Hmmmmm........ He showed me that 13b9, but with alternating in half-step/whole steps with
    Then move those down the next string sets.

  9. Joxo

    Ok thanx so much.
    Jseaberry , got anymore voicings from Mazza u vanna share ?
    Best /J

  10. jseaberry

    Well, I would suggest you give him an email and get a Skype lesson from him. He will give you exactly what you are looking for personally, and more than enough to make your eyes cross!
    I put those up as they were relevant to the discussion, but you should get what you want (and more) straight from him.
    6-string comrade,

  11. As a student of his ( and friend ) I implore you to take a lesson . Not only is it a smart move selfishly , but he will give you a lot to work with. He is extremely generous . He is also very worthy of far more recognition as a player and it goes with out saying as an educator .


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