Higher to Hayastan

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  1. Poparad

    What an awesome tune! It's on Ari Hoenig's new CD, "Lines of Oppression," which overall an incredible CD. I just spent the last two nights working on a transcription, and I think I have it down correctly. The rhythms were a bitch to figure out!

    http://www.poparad.com/learn.php (First on the list)

    You can check out the track online, too:


  2. you are great!!

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  3. horg

    Ya awesome tune and great album, really I just saw the title of the thread and my armenian pride took over. So I'm just here to mention that the word "Hayastan" means Armenia, Tigran being armenian and all.

    Now if only being a monster musician ran in all of us. :(

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  4. jseaberry

    Thank you as always, Jeremey! How's things in LeBronville? Are you on Facebook?

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  5. Poparad

    I am on Facebook. I don't keep up much with the local football team.

  6. jseaberry

    Well, he plays basketball like it was football.....

  7. Quintricacy

    Nice work Poparad! In relation to Horg's post there, I read in an interview that Higher to Hayastan is written by Tigran.

    Here's the interview


  8. Poparad

    I was wondering about who wrote it. They way it's written, it seems like it would've come from the piano. I preordered the album from Amazon and should be getting it this week, so I've only had mp3s to listen to for the past couple months. It took forever for this album to finally get a U.S. release.

  9. Quintricacy

    Yeah it's a great album, I bought it on iTunes about 3 months ago and it still is on heavy rotation! It's the first time I've really heard Tigran Hamasyan and he's really an incredible pianist. I really love the "arabesque" inflections he puts on some of the notes he plays, it's like bebop by way of Armenia! He's got a great album out called Red Hail which you can check out legally for free!


  10. wilmore

    amazing transcription poparad!! thoughts on counting? 12123 1212 12123 12123 1212 12123 etc. maybe?

  11. Poparad

    That's how the main melody goes, but what's so crazy about this song is that the bass part is phrased entirely differently. In fact, if I could write a separate grouping of meters for the bass clef, I would.

  12. jseaberry

    I don't know if you are aware or interested, but Ari Hoenig has a book of his compositions available as an E-book:


  13. Poparad

    Yeah, I saw that. I was thinking about picking up a copy at some point.


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