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  1. Hi,

    I am new to this forum, although I've been reading it for years (even back when his website was black & brown). I guess i'm a little like the non-contributing NPR member who calls for the first time :-) I feel like I should have a beer w/ Sandemose! BTW i live in asheville, nc and am a special ed teacher with a wife & 4 year old.

    My question is compositional- for me, writing is it. Like most of you, i have spent an enormous amount of time working out melody and harmony issues, particularly with standards. Basically I'm wondering if you guys would give me feedback on some tunes I've written.

    For me, composition is looking out the window and playing what you see. Not easy & I'm way down on the ranks. I write in whatever style I feel at the moment- I had to write a Leo Kottke style tune to get my wife (who loves bluegrass) to go out with me. It's called "Meg" on the link below.

    With the way my life is right now, there's really not anybody close to me who listens to or appreciates music like Kurt's. He's by far been the biggest influence in my life since I was doing dishes back in 2000 while zhivago was playing. I had to turn the water off and sit down.

    I'm going to give a link to a website that has some of my originals on it. I titled this forum Hip Hop b/c that's what I've been writing lately. I'm particularly interested in "layering" bass lines-harmony-melody. Note- these recordings were done live with a "loop station" in my classroom, recorded on the "voice memo" app on my iphone, emailed to myself, and then tweaked a little bit in Logic. They are just sketches, but I sure would like to have another human being comment on them for better or worse.

    here it is:

    IMPORTANT- the hip-hop tunes are titled "close" and "my man" when you follow the link. Both are based off of bass lines I heard on through one of my favorite hip hop albums- "The Roots" Do You Want More?!

    It's been great reading/listening to you guys all this time,

  2. jazznan

    Nice. "Cool" reminded me of something off of the new Ben Allison album, it has real potential as an instrumental, and if you came up with something consistent and added lyrics and a strong vocal melody it could work like that as well (some of the delay tends to make it a bit messy...but maybe that's the sound quality?

    "Meg": Nice tune lots of potential here as well, I do play solo acoustic guitar and know how hard it is, this one I think could use some metronome practice-time seemed to be an issue, but again lots of potential for this genre

    "Creep" had a nice Frisell quality, however it felt a little crowded, I could have used more space, but I thought it also had good potential

    "My Man" and "Cool" would fit thematically into a band sound-"My Man" sounded the most 'Kurt' influenced to me. I think if you went through this song and took the strongest bits and then put them back together it would make a great song-it needs editing, but nice work.

    Overall, I thought you had lots of great ideas and I enjoyed the creativity and the potential that these songs have, I would love to hear them again after you've refined them, great work and thanks for sharing! Lots of cool stuff that could really be mined....


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