Hollow body feedback.

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  1. I was suffering from loud wolf notes on my Hollowbody, and bad feedback in louder situations. I've tried so many methods and kept coming up frustrated. I had 13's flatwound on my guitar and i put 11's roundwound on and now I have minimal problems. I've also stuffed some foam under the strings that stretch from the tailpiece to the bridge which seems to make a big differene as well. If anyone is having similar feedback issues I would suggest you try this and see what happens.

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  2. Poparad

    Check out "Doug's Plugs."

  3. JorgeRubiales

    An alternative to doug's plugs is plastic sheet (the same used as "pickguard" on flamenco guitars) cut to fit your f-holes. Almost non intrusive and virtually invisible.

    The trick of muting the strings from the tailpiece, I saw it in Peter Bernstein's guitar when I was at a masterclass with him, and he played that night with a fender deville. Not even a hint of feedback.

    Also, check your pickup's poles. Low end boominess definitely increases feedback, so you might want to lower the 6th and 5th string's poles, or lower the entire pickup and raise the individual poles as needed to balance the sound.


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