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How about a round of applause for this guy!

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  1. Too bad the comments have been disabled and his views are below a thousand . This is incredible:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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  2. jazzbum

    WTF did I just watch?

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  3. A guitar player doing an excellent job playing one part of a Conlon nancarrow study!

    Magical rainbow ponies
  4. jazzbum

    Whoa. All new to me. Thanks.

  5. aramaya

    Nancarrow was a fascinating individual. He became a recluse down in Mexico because no one could play his
    music, as it was too rhythmically complex. A lot of his piano studies are written for player piano.
    It in some respects sounds like the beginnings of later electronic music.
    There is a piano duo (Bugallo/Williams if I remember right) that plays several of these pieces.

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  6. kurtisrosenwinkel


  7. Matt

    that video has to be sped up...

  8. Matt, after your comments I'm beginning to have my doubts (... Not that it wouldn't be a lot of work anyways ). I saw this late at night and now it's tough to say: if you just look at his face and jesticulations it is still tough to tell ( because he is so stoic ). The pitch is higher though ( duh ) : looking at his fretting hand , we know what that stuff sounds like and it is clearly higher than normal so you're right. Oh well. These two ladies are doing a better job than that album with those twins trying to do it.
    He exiled to Mexico during the Spanish American war . He was making this stuff for a long time and it was only to prove to his son that he wasn't some loon that he took steps to showcase his work and he began to get rave response . Kyle Gann has a great website with writings and a book on nancarrow. Study no. 21 is a pretty great introduction into his multi tempi world: ostinato patterns in " left " and " right " hands whose ratios against each other start to melt and reverse their roles .

  9. Check out this video on YouTube:

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  10. contremisart

    I don't think that video is sped up.
    I think it is such a pain to watch it, your world slows way down, thus resulting the video look faster than normal

  11. arewolfe

    The way his fingers are moving it does look like it's sped up a bit. Not sure.

    It's clear from guys like the late Shawn Lane that it's possible to play stuff that fast, even though it sounds impossible. We just don't hear it very often. Shawn does it pretty clean.

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  12. Matt

    well, despite it's (probable) speeding up, the video is still of quality and definitely presents something unique.

  13. smoke

    Is there really a question that it is sped up? Watch it with the sound off and see what you think. Kudos for learning a complicated piece, but no applause from me for being deceptive about it (apparently).

  14. fakejake

    DEFINITELY sped up


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