how did Kurt's practicing change in 2005-06?

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  1. aramaya

    Kurt, I have listened to a ton of bootlegs and albums over the years, and I am curious what you changed
    in your practicing around 2005-06. Did you change something in your right hand? I was listening to a recording
    from Denmark 2005 today and the difference between that performance and earlier shows seemed significant to my ear.
    Curious if others have heard him mention anything about this.

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  2. jazzny

    It is well know that during this period he developed his "Gangnam Style".

    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. Chris

  4. smoke

    No idea how this all coincides, but I remember hearing Kurt say on some seminar recording that when he started teaching at the university, he was able to really dig into stuff he had only dealt with superficially before. No clue whether that is what happened.

    Honestly, he has sounded absurdly good since I first heard him 15 years ago and I haven't noticed a dramatic change other than just going from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White slowly but surely.

  5. ^

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  6. aramaya

    thanks Smoke. No doubt he has always sounded great.

  7. filters

    Kurt said in an interview that he was playing with the Brian Blade fellowship (Season of change I think) he was practicing 5-8 hours a day. He was shedding technique mostly.

  8. aramaya

    thanks. could you post a link to the interview?

  9. filters

    Unfortunately it's gone. It was a video interview. You could watch it around the release of the Live CD at the Vanguard. I think the interviewer was his manager. He basically said he was in a very guitaristic period around that time and he wanted to achieve a certain sound that he could only hear but not yet achieve technically on the instrument, so he worked really hard.

    Maybe someone could post it again ? (with the agreement of Kurt and his manager)
    I think I have the file somewhere but it might be too big to send it through email.

    If someone could tell how to share it, I could post it.

  10. jorgemg1984

  11. fakejake

    Interesting! How about posting it on YT or vimeo?

  12. filters

    Would be better to have his manager's agreement before reposting the video : Anders?


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