How do you recover after a shtty gig?

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  1. InWalked

    Yesterday I did a 3-hour solo gig of mostly holiday music. I was prepared and had some fun arrangements of carols and holiday songs and I think my playing was fine (always room for improvement) but when I finished I felt so detached from music and my playing. Can't understand it - playing was good, pay was good, nice view of the city, decent eye candy, but totally empty feeling. Has this happened to anyone? I pretty much kept it quiet for the remainder of the day and unloaded a hundred or so cds that I never connected with. Feeling better today though. Or am I just a head case?

  2. TruthHertz

    Keep a few really good friends that you can be quiet with. Read a good book. Take a walk through a museum you've never been to. Pick up a pad of newsprint, some charcoal and find a place where you can pull the light and shadow out of something beautiful and let time do its thing. Maybe put the guitar down for a few days and wash your mind out with a really good movie. Yes it happens. Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.
    It's gonna happen again. That's what a good hang is for, get you back into the right side of the brain.

    Magical rainbow ponies


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