How to get a more acoustic sound from a 335

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  1. I did a gig this morning and I really hated the sound I got. The instrumentation was Sax ,upright bass and me. What i disliked was a lack of resonance that a 335 has---especially when playing at a low volume. The bass was barely amplified but sounded great because you could hear the instrument really well without drums covering it up. My question is ---have others experienced this problem? Does anyone have any ideas that might help?

    The other thing is that a 335 is great when you add a drummer because the extra brightness cuts a little more and I guess the easy answer to my problem is to get a guitar with more acoustic properties to begin with but money is tight right now and that isn't really an option.


  2. This could sound a little weird but the only thing I can think of (and it really doesn't seem like the worst idea) is to try micing your guitar along (obviuously) the sound of the amplifier. I think Tim Miller is doing something like that in the studio but why dont you try it live?

    Very best.

  3. Hi there!
    Good question, I play a 335 myself and was wondering about that too.
    A thing that works for me is playing with the toggle switch in middle position, but having the volume of the bridge pu down to 2-3. With the tone of the neck pu at about 4, this sounds a lot more 'woody' to me than the neck pu alone.

    I heard some guys saying that using a trapeze tailpiece instead of the stopbar adds to the accoustic quality, while of course decreasing the sustain (Kurt's 335 also has the oldschool trapeze). Those tailpieces are quite cheap, but youe have to drill some additional holes to mount it, so i have't really decided wether i should do it.
    Anyone has experience with that?

  4. InWalked

    Heavier strings maybe?

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  5. Wasane---That's a good idea---Do you know what kind of mic Tim uses? I will have to look into that
    Lupo---I have tried the toggle switch idea---Sometimes i have had luck but the problem i have with that is getting the volume right. Easy fix with a volume pedal i guess. I used to have a 335 with a trapeze tailpiece---i really can't remember if I liked the sound better or not. Maybe i will try it again with fresh ears.
    InWalked-- i currentlt use 12's or 13's and I don't think i could go any higher .

    Thanks guys

  6. I don't know the brand or model but talking about types, I think that's a condenser. In his website there are pictures. The mic is intalled into the guitar. Check it out:

  7. andyjazz

  8. I'm pretty sure that all 335's ever made have the solid block inside. Gibsons without block are 330, which look similar but just are different guitars. I also never heard about 335's with smaller blocks inside. Again, I'm not that much of an expert, but I believe that for most part Gibson stuck to the very successful design of the original 335's and only changed some cosmetic details.
    Still of course, some 335's do sound more acoustic or are lighter than others, which quite probalby are the older ones as the wood and laquer has dried already.

  9. Sandemose

    I dont know much about this kinda stuff, so Im just brainstorming:

    Position of pick ups (how close to the string they are?) can affect the sound?

    Tweaking with the EQ perhaps might lift up different registers that might affect the acoustic sound of your guitar from your amp? I did that by mistake, and thought my guitar got more "string" sound in the amp.

    What kind of pick ups you use?

    String gauge (mentioned above).

    Just some thoughts,

    Best, Sandemose

  10. docbop

    Some 335's are more hollow than others. 345's the center block is open from neck block to just before the bridge PUP that is where the choke goes for the variswitch. Then Gibson for awhile decided to save money and make all 335 and 345 the same, i know because i have one of them. So the neck PUP is on open area no center block and it does open up the sound a little.

    I would say take it to a good guitar tech for a setup and tell them what your wanting. Lowering the neck pickup should sound fuller, and maybe raising the tailpiece a little to reduce the string tension. Other things i would try is heavier strings and playing over the neck PUP when you want a bigger sound.


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