How To Play Chord Melody Style?

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  1. bingefeller

    I'm trying to work on making some chord melody pieces out of pop songs, but I need help. I can play the chords and the notes OK but it sounds kind of boring. Any ideas on how to make things sound jazzy? How do you fit in playing the single notes while still implying the changes?

  2. patfarlow

    Give us an example and and can all give you some suggested changes with reasons behind them. Could be fun.

  3. bingefeller

    OK, sure, It's a Katy Perry song called Teenage Dream.

    The chords are:

    |Bb / / / / | Bbsus2 / / / / :| x 4

    Ebmaj7 / / / / | Fsus4 / / / / :| - Repeated until the end of the song.

    The pre chorus chords are also Ebmaj7 - Fsus4. I play the Ebmaj7 as written and play a F7sus instead of Fsus4....

    I have been working on it a little - here's a rough sketch.

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    Instead of Bb I play Gm7 and I just follow the vocal melody when it gets to the Bsus2 and let the notes ring into each other.

    When it gets to Ebmaj7 I play it as written and then follow the vocal melody for the Fsus4. It sounds OK but I'd like to jazz it up a little. I'm working on a few other songs, but decided to work on this Katy Perry one today as it's farily easy.


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