Hunter: You look good in orange

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  1. jazznan

  2. jazznan

    this is the song:

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  3. Poparad

    Intro: Cmaj

    Head/First Solo:
    | Cmaj | Abmaj | Fmaj | Dbmaj |
    | Cmaj | Abmaj | Fmaj | Dbmaj |
    | Dbmaj | Dbmaj | Ab7 | Ab7 |
    | Emaj | Bmaj | Ebmin | Ab7 |
    | Dbmaj | Amaj | Gbmaj | Dmaj |
    | Dbmaj | Amaj | Gbmaj | Dmaj |
    | Dmaj | Dmaj | A7 | A7 |
    | Fmaj | Cmaj | Emin | A7 |
    | Abmaj | Dbmaj | Abmaj | Dbmaj |
    | Abmaj | Dbmaj | Abmaj | Gsus4 Gmaj | Cmaj | Cmaj7 ||

    2nd Solo:
    | Abmaj | Dbmaj | Abmaj | Dbmaj |
    | Abmaj | Dbmaj | Abmaj | Gsus4 Gmaj ||

    |Cmaj Cmaj7 | C7 C6 | Cmaj(b6) Cmaj | Cmaj(#4) Cmaj | Cmaj(#4) |

  4. jazznan

    I really, really appreciate that thanks.....

  5. jazznan

    I don't know why I was having so much trouble hearing that....doesn't sound like you had any problems?

  6. jazznan

    Sorry to keep posting, but initially i was hearing it as I VI II V, but really threw me off....any tips?

  7. Poparad

    I did have a bit of trouble due to the quality of the audio. Once I figured out the first part, the rest was easier since most of it was just a transposition of the first progression.

    I VI II V is functionally very close. The first one is I obviously, the second chord is a bVI, so that's kind of close to VI, at least in terms of function. The third chord is a IV chord, which is the relative major of the ii chord, so is very close, and shares most of the same notes. the last one is just a tritone sub of the V chord, so again, your guess if functionally very similar so I can see why you might hear that in there.

    I was cuing in on the bass notes first, and then I constructed the chords on top based on what sort of function I was hearing. It seems like you were starting with the function/quality of the chords, and not necessarily making sure you have the correct roots first. Again, though, the audio was kind of boomy and muddy, so it was a bit hard to pick out a lot of that. I've been transcribing a lot of Holdsworth tunes the past few weeks, so figuring out these chords were a lot easier after putting myself through all of that!

  8. jazznan

    Cool...thanks again!


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